Vancy Rock, a genius in music video make-up

Vancy Rock, a genius in music video make-up - Blackstyle Media
Vancy Rock, a genius in music video make-up

Who is Vancy Rock?

Meidong Therese Vanessa popularly known as Vancy Rock, was born on October 1 1996 in Buea to parents with heritage from the West Region of Cameroon. She actively serves as make-up artist 1 for CPE Ltd.

Educational Background

Originally French-speaking Meidong Vanessa did her primary and secondary schooling in French institutions and in 2014 obtained her Baccalauriat certificate, which is the French equivalent of the GCE Advanced Levels certificate. She proceeded into studying Bilingual Letters at the university of Buea.

A career in Arts and Entertainment

Following the outbreak of the anglophone crisis in 2016, Vancy Rock found life in school unbearable and eventually dropped out for fear of her safety. It was during this sitting at home that Vanessa following online tutorials on make-up decided to give a try in this venture. With time the passion grew as Vanessa took professional courses in the field offline.

Vanessa has served as one of CPE’s two official make-up artists since 2017. She has done make-up for artists and vixens in over 800 music videos under various video directors the likes of Dr. Nkeng Stephens, Mr. Adrenaline, Adah Akenji, Corporate Africa, and Mr. Tcheck. 

2019 was very successful in her career as a make-up artist, as she did make-over for international artists including Diamond Platnumz, Fanicko, Toofan, and Shanel. She has equally worked with many photographers like Effex Photography, 44 Pictures, Alain Ngang, fat pictures, and many others.

Meidong Vanessa is a specialist in various makeovers such as editorial make-up, artistic make-up, special effect make-up, and beauty make-up.

works of Vancy Rock

Link-Up with Vancy Rock!

Vanessa Meidong can be reached on social media via the following handles.

Ig: Therese Vanessa 

Facebook: Vancy rock 

Facebook page:rockmakeovers 


Tiktok: Vancy rock

Snapchat: Vancy rock 

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