Social media has played a big role in a lot of people’s lives today; I mean taking them from grass to grace.

We have people today who because of these media platforms have become celebrities without any special talent.

They are well known for being online and out of nowhere they become celebrities and are paid so much money to come online.

It is true that every job is a job but this group of people has been criticized a lot (a story for another day).

The media today has helped a lot of people to build their careers, this includes our focus of the day: TikTok.

A lot of people go there to have fun, some go there for competition (who fine pass who) , while others go there to take their careers to another level.

I know of artists who are doing extremely well today because of this app (they are known today because of the app).

Even some established artists don’t play with the app. You see them make sure their songs trend on this app even before the official release of the songs.

We have the likes of Asaba, Phillbill, Askia, Kiss Daniel, Don Jazzy, and many others. I mean you see some of them there making sure the work is done and done well.

We can’t talk about TikTok without speaking of Comedians!!

There is a lot that is known worldwide because of the TikTok app we talk of the likes of, Lawrenzo, Dorcas, majake zizu , sabinus, Anit ferily, and more.

All the above-mentioned names are well known today because of their talents but we can’t deny the impact of the TikTok app on their success too.

Not forgetting the movie stars who also make good use of the app to further boost their careers. We have the likes of Syndy Emade, Mercy Johnson, …etc

I mean there are a lot of Influencers Who have signed deals with companies like Guinness because of the number of followers they have and the influence they have on these followers.

Facebook and Instagram have been here but growing on these apps is not easy to talk less of getting paid on them, unlike TikTok. Many entertainers if not all, are trying to get a spot on this bus



TIK TOK won’t last long!


There is a rumor going about now but no one has given us a reason why! Not to my knowledge ohh!

But before it comes to an end, let’s make good use of it. ( make we use this think blow ourselves noh. Bombs no be was level sef)

A lot of youths are making millions out of the app through their creations.

They call themselves content creators and grow hosts. The money they make is a result of Virtual gifts they receive from their followers.
These gifts are then transformed into coins and from coins to dollars and then they cash out.

It is true nothing good comes easy and there’s a lot of work to put in, but when the work is put in, there comes the joy of the pay.

Although the app has a fraction of the money made through the gift, one still loses nothing from that.

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