Tzy is a muse always on the loose.

Just “yesterday yesterday” that he dropped a sonical bomb featuring his “Yong Generation” prodigees, today is another!

It’s Another Banger! (I think  I need this talk as an audio tag. lol)

A collabo with our generous big brother, Longue Longue Captioned  ‘Na God know

Produced by two sound magicians:

Abztrumental & TonyEf

Our own Steven Spielberg and Mel Gibson of Audio production! ( Yea I’m proud of my country)


E be like Tzy don deh posh mutumbu ohh. Dropping hits like Malam inside posh belly aguadah.

And e song dem sweet some kind ehh ( make I go find my Gramma book lol)


This song is so wonderful and I feel like I won’t have to hype Tzy anymore. When you are this great, having an announcer becomes useless!

 But beautiful music should never be hidden and I’ve got a delicate job to do.

To expose Tzys Panchaks discography until my grandma makes him her ringtone.


Post comments below. Tell us how this wonderful song makes you feel.
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