Gaelle’s professional career

Former captain of the indomitable lionesses Gaelle Enganamouit has tendered a public apology appealing for forgiveness from the football-loving nation of Cameroon. We remember Gaelle’s professional career went into jeopardy last year following the release of a series of sex tapes involving Gaelle and a lady named ‘Kalifa’. Gaelle Enganamouit on one of her public outings  on the Chap Chap Magazine said the following

“My Dear Cameroonian brothers and sisters, I would start by asking you for forgiveness.  I am SORRY,
It is said that a child who recognizes his mistakes and promises to be better has the right to a second chance!

I know you are disappointed in me that is why I am pleading for your mercy. everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect or holy! Mine cost me my career, my life, my passion, FOOTBALL, the street kid that I was with lots of dreams and ambitions.

 I still harbor the desire and hope to go all the way to the top, I know I still have a lot to give to my country & I would love to have your support and blessings 🙏  . I have suffered so much, my plans have not changed for my younger sisters and teammates on the national team.

Once again we fell against Nigeria, which makes me very sad, I wanted them to break this barrier but it wasn’t to be.

I would like to congratulate them because they gave their all for the nation, I hope the opportunity will be given to me to bring my experience to this team full of hope and talent

These last few months, I took the time to meditate and ask for forgiveness from God and I know that he listened to me because he does not abandon anyone, he is merciful. I hope that with time, you will have a better image of me as a person.

Thank you to all those people who have continued to support me in recent months, thank you for your messages, your advice &  your presence.

I am very grateful”

This had met up with mixed reactions from Cameroon football fans and lovers especially coming at a time when the indomitable lionesses slumped at the ongoing African women’s cup of nations.

To air is human it is said and to forgive is divine, Gaelle is human just like any of us and prone to many mistakes that come from the anxiety of being a star.

If she has realized her mistake and retreated from the devilish lifestyle it should be good news for our nation and the kingdom of God.

We pray the authorities to see into her situation and restore her pride as a lioness.

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