Spotlight on: The Cameroon phase of entertainment Limited


CPE, the Masters of the Big Screen!

If you are already rattled by the above caption Relax! I mean no harm. Its clear the Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited (CPE LTD ) company is not the only contributor to Cameroon’s Entertainment industry!

They are indeed the masters of the big screens and I’m using the word Big screens to imply modern audio-visual content for home entertainment. 

Their body of work speaks volumes but somehow the brains behind this initiative are almost unknown to most of us at the Consuming end! We enjoy their work daily without even knowing how much they strive to serve us these outstanding visuals!

Sabi no fit hide” is an expression used by our people and the CPE Ltd (The Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited ) is one of our treasures every Cameroon Entertainment lover should know and promote.

We take another shot at the Cameroon Phase Of Entertainment Limited

When you hear the slang ‘okay we take another shot’ what comes to mind? The venerated Dr. Nkeng Stephens, right?
He is definitely a name that needs no introduction to show-business in Cameroon, being the most sought-after music video director in the country!

What the public is not familiar with is the fact that Dr Nkeng Stephen is the frontline of an entire team that has worked tirelessly over the years to take Cameroon audio-visual production to a new height.

He has been the brain behind over 20% of Cameroon’s music videos over the past decade, so it seemed!

The Brains Behind CPE

The Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited (CPE Ltd) is a broadcasting and media productions company that provides services ranging from movie acting, script writing, talent management, movie production, video realization, and audio-visual equipment rentals. They equally from time to time carry out tutorials, workshops, and seminars on arts and entertainment-related courses both offline and online.

The company was founded in 2011 by a group of visionists who saw the selfless need to join their effort using their various individual skills in audio-visual production to improve and revolutionize Cameroon’s Entertainment Industry. 

This team comprises a crew that includes key members like;

To better carry out this vision some departments are headed by the staff  below 

  • Mambo Patric Belle Andre- Manager/production manager
  • Meidong Therese Vanessa – Make-up artist and beautician.
  • Ntowo Ticky Narcisse Esther – makeup artist.
  • Petro Junior Namme – Grip.
  • Jounior Mambo – Set designer /Carpenter.
  • Nyuydze Etienne- Electrician/ Gaffer
  • Eric Mofor – Photographer 
  • Azienwi Aghanwi  Christian – Grip

CPE Ltd(Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited) company has successfully produced over 1000 video projects under the Director-ship of Dr. Nkeng Stephens. Music video production is thier main specialty though they dabble in movie production from time to time!

Much of their success has come in the domain of music video realization as they have over the years collaborated with most of Cameroon’s A-listed artists including the likes of:

Daphné Njie

Mr Leo


Boy Tag



Other musical projects from CPE Ltd

Do you really need us to up this list to 500 music videos before you are convinced these guys have been working their asses off to give you the best industry-standard entertainment?

I don’t think so! But here come our honorable mentions from CPE Ltd (Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited) in no particular order :


  • MTN 20/20
  • MTN Unbeatable
  • Bioromance

Movies from The Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited(CPE Ltd)

The recent trend has seen the CPE Ltd shift efforts towards building a solid movie production identity in Cameroon. They are presently working on a series of potential blockbusters which will be in cinemas in the weeks.

Here is a list of movies the Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited Company has worked on:

Linkup with Team CPE

CPE Ltd has been grinding and now you know! show some love to these guys in the comment section or follow them on their Various Social media handles.

They equally organize free workshops and seminars on audio-visual production techniques with online tutorials on the subject. what better way to learn audiovisual production than with professionals currently active in the field?


Dr. Nkeng Stephens

  • Facebook: Dr. Nkeng Stephens
  • Instagram/Twitter/TikTok: @drnkengstephens

Duala Duala 

  • Facebook: Duala Duala 
  • Instagram: @dualaduala
  • TikTok: @dualaduala7
  • Twitter: @dualaduala

King Achiri

  • Facebook:  Elvis Achiri
  • Instagram:  @kingachiri


Mambo Patric Belle Ander

  • Facebook: Draine KOol
  • Instagram: @llilcool_official



  • Ig: Therese Vanessa
  • Facebook:Vance rock
  • Facebook page: rockmakeovers
  • Email:
  • TikTok: Vance rock
  • Snapchat: rock



  • Instagram: Ti5_Initiative 
  • Facebook: nyuy Tino
  • Facebook page: N Tino banyeh
  • Gmail:


Location Manager

  • Bigueyi micheal chia



16 replies
  1. ojong Spencer Lewis Ebot
    ojong Spencer Lewis Ebot says:

    CPE is really doing a great job , growing up have ever wanted to see the person who says we take another shot . And that motivated me to work hard . And want to say thank to CPE for all the work the have been putting out the and to Cameroon in on the map

  2. Artnurin
    Artnurin says:

    unnarguably the best music video realisation outfit this site of Africa.

    their works speak for that. i have collaborate with them on many projects and can atteste to their savvy.

  3. Nickel Wenong
    Nickel Wenong says:

    Praise them for who they are, their positive traits and qualities and things they have been successful at. It lets them know that you appreciate them, but also are noticing and valuing their achievements as well, i love the team CPE for Africa♥

  4. Lizette che
    Lizette che says:

    I have known this crew way back even before CPE and ‘lets take another shot” a slogan on the lips of even children on the streets both home and abroad . I must say its hard to find young people with so much passion and determination in our country like these ones. People who are able to catch a vision and run with it even when no one is believing something good will come out of it.
    I saw a group of young men working tirelessly even though showbiz and entertainment had little or no value at that time in cameroon. I remember Duala Duala telling me one evening, that was in 2011. He said “people may look at me and friends as bounch of losers wasting our time but i want to tell you something Lizzy, “we will give the entertainment industry a phase and beauty in this nation and world will embrace it” and it is happening today.
    I can say with boldness that these young men saw a vision, embraced it, wrote it down and today they are running wit it without allowing nothing to slow or hold them down.
    Congratulations guys.

  5. Lizette che
    Lizette che says:

    I saw thier struggles and commitment.
    Spending sleepless night in one small room in “campaign street” Buea calling it thier studio hahahahahahaha.
    Am called the seedof hard work and sacrifice they planted is bearing visible fruits which everyone can see today.

  6. Lizette che
    Lizette che says:

    I saw thier struggles and commitment.
    Spending sleepless night in one small room in “campaign street” Buea calling it thier studio hahahahahahaha.
    Am glad the seed of hard work and sacrifice they planted is bearing visible fruits which everyone can see today.

  7. Duala Duala
    Duala Duala says:

    I can’t believe the world kept record of our works. The process and all.
    OMG it’s just so adorable of this Writer.
    I love this


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