Our Black girl Magician, Diva, and recently MTN ZIK Award winner comes to us bearing gifts. Gifts of sweet sweet melodies to bombard our eardrums and get us to flex and shake our bums.

ITS —ANOTHER–BANGER!! Ko-c just dropped some hot “Peper Soup” this morning. Only Canada! Foot Cow! Chicken Leg! Goat head! I even had to skip breakfast. This song is so so sacaricious !

Tzy Panchak is known for his agenda to uplift the young generation of Cameroon musicians. He is always rising alongside those around and behind him. Yet again he drops “my life”A dairy that tells tales of realities.

This song would remain Spanking for a long time. I can’t help but wonder when we shall be able to get back our lives. How much blood do we have to shed before it’s enough? A moment of silence for our lost ones, please!

This song is so wonderful and I feel like I won’t have to hype Tzy Panchak anymore. Greatness doesn’t need an announcer!

 and beautiful music should never be hidden !.