Born on May 14, 1990, in Bali Nyonga, Cameroon, Priest B is a young and exceptionally talented singer, rapper, and songwriter. Despite initially pursuing a career as a certified Geography teacher from ENS Bambili, Priest B made a pivotal decision in 2019 to embark on a professional journey in music production. However, his musical aspirations can be traced back even further to 2010 when he started releasing singles on his YouTube channel, Damilkyway – Alahbong.

Priest B’s music is a captivating blend of Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Highlife, and R&B, setting him apart with his unique sound. Notable singles like “Cava aller,” “Real Gospel,” “Kongni,” “COVID-19,” and “No Ngambe,” accompanied by four captivating music videos on YouTube, showcase his talent and versatility.

What truly distinguishes Priest B is his unwavering commitment to crafting songs that resonate deeply with listeners. Drawing from his experience as a Geography teacher, his music is infused with messages of change, aiming to shift mindsets and inspire a better world. The fusion of his melodic approach and thought-provoking lyrics captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impact.

Despite not having formal training in music production, Priest B relies on his intuition and experience to create heartfelt compositions. Collaborating with talented producers such as Young B-A, Da Quinzy, 35 Digriz, T-Glen W, Godemma the Beat Doctor, and Dobgima, he receives valuable guidance and assistance in honing his craft.

Priest B’s creative process involves seeking out beats online and crafting songs that connect with diverse audiences. He values collaboration with other gifted individuals, recognizing that unity among artists leads to exceptional creations.

With more than 30 songs currently in the works, Priest B is continuously expanding his repertoire and pushing the boundaries of his creativity. His eagerness to collaborate with artists like Rinyu, Sweet Perry, Oluwa Ice, Da Quinzy, 35 Digriz, Vegas Montana, and Vivid Smith reflects his commitment to creating music that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Priest B understands the importance of building connections with his audience. He actively engages with supporters through various social media and streaming platforms, inviting those who carry positive energy to join him on his journey. You can find him on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Boomplay, and his YouTube channel, Damilkyway – Alahbong.

One of Priest B’s defining moments as an artist came with the release of his song titled “COVID-19” two years ago. This powerful track, created during the global pandemic, garnered thousands of views on YouTube, propelling him to greater recognition as both an artist and a humanitarian. His other notable hits include “Panadol,” “Kongni,” “Hustle Get For Pay Remix,” and “Clean Money” with Sweet Perry, further solidifying his presence in the music industry.

Priest B’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. Growing up in an African home, he initially lacked family support for his musical aspirations. However, with the encouragement and guidance of supportive friends who became like family, he persevered and pushed for a better tomorrow. Today, his close family and relatives are proud of his unique gifts and support his pursuit of a successful music career.



Although Priest B doesn’t have formal training in music, he has learned from experienced individuals like Young B-A, 35 Digriz, Da Quinzy, Nelson Lomude, and others who have provided valuable guidance and helped him refine his craft. His educational background as a teacher has greatly influenced his approach to music. As a trained and certified Geography teacher from ENS Bambili, Priest B prioritizes delivering meaningful messages and using his music as a medium to inspire change. He takes pride in creating a fusion of melody and thought-provoking lyrics that encourage listeners to think and reason differently.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Priest B’s determination and hard work have paid off. He has been invited to perform at various occasions and was even part of the groundbreaking AfroKamer show in the USA, where he had the opportunity to connect with fellow Cameroonian artists.

Priest B’s proudest moments come when he sees the impact his music has on others. The recognition and high esteem he receives from communities and fans are testaments to the power of his artistry.

In his 13-year musical journey, Priest B has crafted several hit songs that are awaiting release and promotion. Among his most popular tracks are “Kongni” (a love song), “Hustle Get For Pay Remix” featuring Oluwa Ice, “Real Gospel” featuring Dobgima, “Panadol” featuring T-Glen Won

drews, and “Nkolo yah moh.” These songs, which blend elements of Afrobeats and Hip-hop, resonate with his audience.

Priest B’s approach to music production is primarily self-taught. While he may not have formal training, his intuition and experience guide him as he spends ample time exploring different pitches and tunes on various instruments to find the perfect key. His collaboration with talented producers has also played a significant role in shaping his sound and ensuring the quality of his music.

The driving force behind Priest B’s music is the desire to create positive change. Through his label, Damilkyway Edutainment, he aims to be the voice of the voiceless and encourage people to think critically rather than accepting stories handed down from the past.

Looking ahead, Priest B has an extensive lineup of more than 30 songs in progress. He eagerly anticipates collaborating with artists like Rinyu, Sweet Perry, Oluwa Ice, Da Quinzy, 35 Digriz, Vegas Montana, Vivid Smith, and others to create music that resonates with a diverse audience.

In conclusion, Priest B’s journey as a singer, rapper, and songwriter has been one of passion, determination, and resilience. From his humble beginnings to his rising popularity, he has overcome obstacles and remains committed to delivering music that touches the hearts and minds of his listeners. With his infectious energy and unique style, Priest B is undoubtedly a rising force to be reckoned with in the coming years.


Vernsai Sany is a young aspiring female artist from the Northwest Region of Cameroon. She fell in love with the process of making music and started her career professionally in 2020 under the mentorship of Marc Eff Of Kovapot.

Unlike other artists who wonder their way up in the 237 Showbiz, Marc Eff Of Kovapot believed in her and decided to help her shape and grow her music career. 

But After Releasing Boulot last year, Versnai went silent.
Yesterday 23rd December she released another single Titled “Last Night” with no explanation on why she went digitally silent on us.

We the fans deserve to know!
But Yet again, Vernsai did not disappoint on “Last Night”

Last night is an awesome mid-tempo and afro-makossa-ish tune with a little hip-hop flavor. A perfect blend for a romantic soundtrack. 

Versa Sany expresses herself fluently in both French and English language on this song. And Marc Eff Of Kovapot is the producer of this record. 

According to Vernsai: “Last night” talks about a couple that has been apart in a distant relationship for a very long time. They finally have the opportunity to meet each other again and want to make up and catch up on all the lost moments of their relationship.

What a beautiful storyline. Marc Eff of Kovapot even published the story of how Last Night was made. You can read about it here:

In an interview with bitaleaf media, Versnai made known to the world that her greatest inspiration is to aim higher than the Grammys as she draws motivation from renowned musicians like Richard Bona, Charlotte Dipanda, Angelique Kidjo, and Daphne.

We are definitely behind you to reach grammy heights my dear!

Turning to a new page, Vernsai Sany confessed she has recognized the importance of consistency in music and will release music more often this 2023.

We hope to get more music from Vernsai soon.


BGC Melody’s front-line artist Bah’Ndong just dropped a sizzling musical piece to officially declare an end to the yummy “food wars” ongoing across most of Africa.

First, he declares Cameroonian delicacy “Khati Khati” as the indisputable Winner in his native Cameroon.

Secondly, he says Cameroon does not participate in the silly Jollof Rice wars between Ghana and Nigeria because Cameroon “JELLOF” has no competitor that comes even close.

And finally, Bah’Ndong proves the flexibility of the “Amapiano” genre; it goes with all musical genres.

HarryBeatz produced the song for BGC Melody, mixed and mastered by Pazzo Sangtum, and video directed by Lady Director for BGC Studios

Bah’Ndong – CHOP CHOP [Pictorial Lyrics Video]

Cameroon rap sensation Sparx DA Virus released the official lyrics video to his soulful tune titled ‘BEAUTIFUL’. It’s a sensational dance hall vibe, revealing the beauty and splendor of the creator.

Having joined forces with Brian Aboringong, Bliss Bland, and MT Shyns and produced by BigBrunz.

Asked about the inspiration behind beautiful the artist says ‘ the song comes from a place of joy. Initially, it was a love song but I had to channel it to the one who loves me most- the highest, for his steadfast love towards me, my wife, and my kids.

Beautiful(Lyrics video) ft. Brian Aboringong, Bliss Bland, M.T. Shyns (Produced by Big Brunz)

Multiple award-winning Nigerian duo P- Square just made the release of their first single ‘Jaiye (Ihe Game) since reuniting in the closing segments of 2021.

Jaiye is a captivating afrobeat with Amapiano percussion. It was actually a double release party as they also released ‘Find somebody’ ahead of their forthcoming album. The songs were written, produced a performed by the duo themselves.

The African music giants are presently on a 100-city world tour thrilling fans across the world who have missed gazing at the vocal prowess of Rudeboy side by side with the magical dance moves of Mr. P, since their split around 2017.

P-Square – Jaiye (Ihe Geme) [Official Video]

Bboy Record’s front runner Magasco just made released the second song ‘Future’ off his album ‘Affection’.

The afrobeat/dance hall maestro expresses a lifestyle of flamboyance in the video reassuring his commitment and gratitude to his partner for the love and steadfastness she’s shown him.

The song is produced, mixed and mastered by Sangtum and video directed by Mr adrenaline


Cameroon afro-bikutsi sensation Kking Kum on Saturday, July 2nd made released the visuals of his latest single ‘yayato’ featuring Happy D’Effoulan 


The song is contemporary music of a typical Cameroonian society heavily influenced by ‘Mbolé’ which could be described as a de facto genre or a break away from the popular Bikutsi genre.

“Yayato” is a pidgin English slang that means “welcome”.

The song serves as a tool for activism against domestic violence prioritizing the female gender while inviting the males to respect women regardless of their social statuses.

The song produced by OTIA Productions and directed by Serial Shooter is very energetic and lively which gives room for dancing complemented with a memorable and catchy hook.

The lyrics of the song are delivered in the French language.


Blu Nation Recording today made release of ‘All Over Me’. The single performed by the label’s frontline artist Tzy Panchak is track 9 off his debut album ‘Love and War’ set to drop on July 6th, 2022.

’All Over Me’ is centered on the greatest gift of all. Love. The very catchy and melodious song comes to reaffirm Tzy Panchak’s musical prowess on Cameroon’s urban music map.

Tzy Panchak – All Over Me (Official Video)

The song is exclusively available on Boomplay Music as well as the record label’s official site

Renowned Cameroonian Afro-Soul/ Reggae crooner Gasha just made release her highly anticipated EP dubbed ‘Love Gasha’.

The EP was released on June 30 in a private party in Douala that was attended by numerous music stakeholders and lovers. Love, Gasha is an expression of love and spirituality which are core values of Gasha’s existence.


She hopes the audience, fans and well wishes receive the project with much love and light. Gasa has been active in the Cameroon music scene for over 8 years and stands as one of those that have played a great role in revolutionizing Cameroon music.

Her first single, ’kaki mbere’ released in 2013 was highly acclaimed by music lovers around Africa , which followed with ‘This Life’.

The preceding years saw the artist go on  a low  to resolve some personal issues but however never stopped working as she released other smash hits like

Chill’ Ft Eddie Kenzo  ,

The Date’ Ft Zegeman,

Fire Di Born’ Ft Magasco 

Love, Gasha is for the artist a story of rebirth full of inspiration and excitement as it expresses her dynamism in ways that have never been seen.

The EP is available on numerous music platforms including Spotify, Boomplay, iTunes, as well as on Gasha’s website


Cameron’s Afrobeat/ dancehall sensation releases the visuals of his highly acclaimed smash hit ‘On Est La’ featuring legendary afro rapper Big G Baba.

Just as the title connotes ‘On Est La’ which translated in English implies ‘we are here’, is an ama-piano/afrobeat tune produced by Rapnem and directed by Lady Director, which the artist uses to announce his presence under the prestigious BGC melody umbrella.

Pope Switzeal X Big G Baba – On est là [Shot by Lady Director]

BGC Melody under its CEO Don Julio Bats happens to be one of Africa’s leading indigenous record label based in Cameroon and plays host to many artists, talents, and managers in several countries like DR Congo, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania etc.

These artists include Bah’NDong, Mobe Molondo, Thisis Mokom, Ziiana. Other artists that have previously worked under the label include the likes of Ambe, Jaye, Deenah, and Toki Lala.

On Est La is the first of a series of tracks set to be released by the artist in 2022 as he plans to release his first album by the close of the year. keep in touch with Pope Switzeal through his various social media handles where he is ever responsive to his fans’  preoccupation. 

Facebook @popeswitzeaL

Twitter @popeswitzeal

Instagram @popeswitzeal