Since Samuel Eto’o Fils took over as the president of the FECAFOOT OFFICE in Cameroon, people have been praising him for the good work he has been doing especially with the national team (Indomitable lions).

However, many others have raised their criticisms as they describe some of his actions as harsh and uncalled for.

These criticisms came as a result of him relieving some workers at the FECAFOOT office, of their duties due to some irregularities he noticed that didn’t go down well with him.

Also, some people still criticized him for calling out the team players after their last match, expressing his disappointment as to the results of the match. And him asking them to work harder.

Now a lot of people fail to understand that, for a new road to be built, a few trees have to be taken down and that is exactly what Samuel Eto’o is trying to do.

He seemingly didn’t have a bed of roses when he started his career as a young footballer and he’s trying to ameliorate the conditions for the current players but he doesn’t want to let his efforts go to waste.

He wants them to also produce good results to complement his efforts and that’s why his actions might seem a little hard.

We asked for a change and Samuel Eto’o is bringing in the positive change. We hope that change lasts.

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