Honey Coffee Facial - Black Style Beauty tips #02

In this edition of Balck Style Beauty Tips #02, we show you how to make and apply Honey Coffee Sugar Facial Mask.

This is the best mask for your face, and it works well for all skin types. It also stops the development of ingrown hairs and tiny, unattractive blemishes. Pores will be tightened and accumulated pollutants will be removed.


The ingredients required to make this Honey Coffee Sugar Facial Mask are natural and economical items that you might already have in your kitchen., such as; 

  • Natural Honey 
  • Brown sugar
  • Black coffee

In contrast to other beauty make-up ingredients that are rare, expensive, and potentially harmful to your skin.


After considering the quantities of each ingredient, we have decided on the following amounts for each.

  • 3teaspoons of natural honey
  • 1teaspoon brown sugar
  • 1teaspoon of black coffee 

How to process and apply the mixture to your face

  • In a small bowl, mix the honey and brown sugar thoroughly. 
  • Keep in an airtight container. Maintain at room temperature. 
  • Wash your face well before using.
  • To dampen skin, use a little amount of scrub (approximately 1/2 tp.) and gently rub in a circular manner. Avoid the area around the eyes.

After mixing the ingredients together, apply them evenly all over your face and neck. (Don’t mix and keep; it’s effective when it’s fresh.) It is necessary to massage the wings of the nose. 

Leave on as a mask for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. 

This treatment can be done once a week. You can do it twice a week if your skin is having a lot of issues for the first few weeks. Always hydrate your skin with a moisturizer.

How do honey, sugar, and coffee benefit the skin?

Sugar exfoliates the skin gently. It is an effective natural exfoliant that will help to remove dead cells, increase cellular renewal and delay the aging process.

Honey is an all-natural beauty ingredient that has many benefits for your skin. It’s rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and amino acids. It will have a softening effect on the skin, moisturizing it and making it glow.

Coffee is used as a facial exfoliator to unclog pores, leaving skin soft and smooth.


And that’s the end of our Black Style beauty tips #02


What are the other uses of honey, sugar, and coffee that you know?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Enjoy a wonderful day.





Black style Beauty tips #01

Every girl loves to look pretty. But it is not as simple as it seems. That’s why black style media is on a mission to provide you with beauty tips capable of helping everyone become more beautiful.

Here are 6 black style beauty tips you should try

Cucumber juice: 

Applying cucumber juice to your eyes can reduce the appearance of dark circles, bags, and puffiness.

Moisturizing for lips: 

Keep your lips soft and supple by using a good lip balm.


Just like your body needs sleep, so does your skin. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep every night to help you look fresh all day. Power naps during the day can refresh your skin, too.

Proper Sleep: 

Sleep is essential for younger-looking, flawless skin. Make sure to get 6-8 hours of beauty sleep each night.

When you get enough sleep, your skin gets a chance to rest and recover from the day’s stress. As a result, you’ll look younger and more beautiful. Getting enough sleep will also help reduce under-eye dark circles.

Workout Regimen: 

A good workout regimen will help you get glowing, spotless skin by boosting blood circulation and keeping the smooth flow of oxygen in your body. After a hard workout, your heartbeat increases, which assists your blood to flow through your veins effortlessly. Exercise gives you extra energy and makes you feel better about yourself. You may choose to go for physical activities like running, swimming, or brisk walking.

Remove makeup at night: 

It can be difficult to remove makeup before bed, but failing to do so can cause blemishes. Makeup mixes with dirt and oil on your skin during the day, which can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Be sure to wash off all of your makeup before you go to sleep.

We will be bringing you more essential beauty tips. Hope you learned something new. 

Please let us know what you think of these tips in the comment section below including any point you think we left out.




Lovers of Cameroon music today celebrate what would have been the 25 birthday of rising star Fhish.

The ‘head of Gophmen’ as he was fondly called met his waterloo after colliding with a truck en route for a show in Buea on the 23rd of December 2021, which sadly claimed his life.

News of his death came as a shock to the entire Cameroon entertainment industry owing to the fact that the star had just emerged winner of the Biggie studios reality show.


Fans of the deceased artists have immortalized the star by putting efforts into accomplishing many projects the head of Goghmen left unfinished.

The artist has sold over a million streams from his ‘Silk’ and ‘ I am Cameroon’  albums.

In celebration of this achievement, the ‘Gophmen’ is organizing a birthday party at the Abu Tokyo lounge where they will be awarding prizes to the winner of ‘c’est pas le hoo challenge’ as well as celebrating the legacy of the venerated artist with the most of his smash hits the likes of:

Njoh’ ft Longue Longue  

anti kirikou’  ,

kak kak’  .

The entire team of Black Style Media says “happy birthday head of Gophmen, even death can’t stop your vision as you will forever remain with us’.



This song would remain Spanking for a long long time. I can’t help but wonder when we shall be able to get back our lives.

I can’t even begin to stomach the souls we have lost. Can we please have a moment of silence for the brothers, sisters, mothers fathers, and children we have lost!

(Now that the black blanket is out of the way, let’s Reminisce “Ngarma” by Askia and Mr. Leo)





Gorgeous Askia” s personal life has not been easy due to the collapse of her marriage but regardless, she stays strong (a workaholic never sleeps) and is always Game!

Marriage isn’t the source of her musical sanity! Not even the source of her inspiration. A heavyweight and a lyrical monstress as  evident in songs like “Prison” and “let’s Talk

 A maestro of verbal expression with yet “Another banger”

(you don catch me pants down, lol)

This is another song about the ongoing crises in our wonderful Northwest and southwest region of Cameroon

We’ve been frying popcorn in these two regions anyhow! I still remember those days when popcorn was a treat reserved for Christmas and special occasions!

(Sorry for my drift)


Those who know me, know I never hesitate to be blunt, so take my word for it when I say this song is a unique piece. Its uniqueness is due to the fact that it’s coming from a place of realness. Every anglophone can connect to this song

Mr Leo

Our Grand Lion didn’t hesitate to season and flavor this pot of soup by putting all his money-voice into this soup. 

Crystal and clear is Leo’s approach: “We have lost a lot of blood and we are tired”. A message I wish we all could actually get t!

As musicians, we are obligated to use our potential to impact and influence change! And it’s clear Askia and Mr. Leo get this so well!

Note this: professionals would never sell pock meat to a Muslim crowd.

The cultural identity engrave in the sonics of this song is remarkable

( saah, grammar deh. I Sabi di work. Lol, a beg I di joke ohh. No boleh me career before e start)


Askia and Leo did a good job once again by expressing the pain of the people through their sounds.

Our culture is our heritage and the cultural similarities of these two maestros are worth reckoning! Their work on this is outstanding 

Enjoy this song but don’t forget to remember that we are only powerful together.

War never brings unity to no land.

( Always hold ya brother or sister tell yi say “ I love you” in a very formal way ohh. Don’t be getting any ideas here)

We love to hear from you nah! Ya parole in the comment section is bae!  I want to hear what you think About this song.

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