Father’s Day wahala  ohh!


ASKIA In a live Facebook video broadcast today called the attention of Quillla, her Ex husband to Man up for the child they both share. By manning up, I mean being there for them like any father is supposed to.


Does this mean Qilla has been enjoying a life of freedom while avoiding his responsibilities?


According to Askia, that’s exactly what it is. Quilla hasn’t been responsible since after their separation. No visits, no financial or moral support. He is completely absent from the child’s life.

She claims she did call Quilla, begging him to take his place in the child’s life but  nothing changed

Water on deck’s back and Quilla is the deck here ohh!


Due to a lack of corporation from her Ex-husband, she decided to celebrate  Father’s DAY with her being the Father in this equation.

Asa result she got the attention of her Ex.


Quilla after witnessing such a manifestation became furious. He wasn’t pleased and Called such a showdown a Blackmail.


But wait a minute! Where is the Ransome? Is askia a blackmailer?


Askia further justified her actions in the live cast that, a celebration had to happen. It had to since she had been juggling the role of father and mother to make her child happy!


Do you think Askia’s excuse was reasonable?


Mixing things up with a little threat, Askia told Quilla that she is willing to be his Competition as far as the happiness of her child is concerned if he doesn’t play ball.

By playing ball, I mean taking his rightful responsibility as the father of her child. And that consequence awaits Qilla if he doesn’t since he likes to take her matter to socha media!.

Children don’t fall from trees! 
They need their father.



A month is given for Quilla to adjust by Judy Askia and we all await what she plans to unleash on Quilla if he chooses to continue feeling free like Frida.




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