Pope Switzeal releases ‘On Est La’, A SPANKING BANGER


Cameron’s Afrobeat/ dancehall sensation releases the visuals of his highly acclaimed smash hit ‘On Est La’ featuring legendary afro rapper Big G Baba.

Just as the title connotes ‘On Est La’ which translated in English implies ‘we are here’, is an ama-piano/afrobeat tune produced by Rapnem and directed by Lady Director, which the artist uses to announce his presence under the prestigious BGC melody umbrella.

Pope Switzeal X Big G Baba – On est là [Shot by Lady Director]

BGC Melody under its CEO Don Julio Bats happens to be one of Africa’s leading indigenous record label based in Cameroon and plays host to many artists, talents, and managers in several countries like DR Congo, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania etc.

These artists include Bah’NDong, Mobe Molondo, Thisis Mokom, Ziiana. Other artists that have previously worked under the label include the likes of Ambe, Jaye, Deenah, and Toki Lala.

On Est La is the first of a series of tracks set to be released by the artist in 2022 as he plans to release his first album by the close of the year. keep in touch with Pope Switzeal through his various social media handles where he is ever responsive to his fans’  preoccupation. 

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