Blanche Bailly, Daphne Njei, Lady Ponce - How A-List artists influence the growth of new artists - Featured - Blackstyle

Do you think the 237 music industry is being heavily influenced by A-List Artists? Join us as we dive deep into this fascinating topic.

Old Pancho Cy International has become a household name due to his controversial standpoint on events in Cameroon’s entertainment sector. His Arts show on Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 was a success Indeed! But here is what we really think.

Since the turn of the year 2022, if there is one web series Cameroon’s English-speaking showbiz community has followed without being charged a subscription fee, it must be the ‘Magasco-Max- Falone Circus’. Let me explain..

Tik Tok won’t last!! That’s what some social media experts say with many celebs already making it on this platform. We have the likes of Asaba, Phillbill, Askia, Kiss Daniel, Don Jazzy, and many others cashing this cow

Since Samuel Eto’o Fils took over as the president of the FECAFOOT OFFICE in Cameroon, people have been praising him for the good work he has been doing especially with the national team (Indomitable lions).

Some Cameroonian music fans have given their opinion on marriages in the industry, most of them think marriages can’t last in the industry, the reason being that there’s been a few failed marriages in the industry.