Big Ice


 Big Ice aka Oluwa Ice, born Cabinda Clovis is a Douala-based afro rapper with ancestral roots from Bali, North West Region of Cameroon.

After seeing through primary education in Government School Muyuka, he relocated to Bali for secondary education but eventually obtained his Advanced Levels  Certificate back in Muyuka.

Cabinda Clovis thereafter gained admission into the University of Buea where he obtained his in Law in December 2013.

it was during this period that Big Ice came in contact with various stakeholders in the music-loving city of Buea and eventually developed a hobby that has today become his full-time job.

Big Ice

Big Ice under the stage name Oluwa Ice released his first official single in Lagos, Nigeria titled ‘GBO GBO WAH’  meaning “can’t stop my blessings” in Yoruba dialect featuring another Cameroonian artist Suhmih. 

the artist later moved back to Cameroon in 2017 after being signed under PURE SOUND MUSIC, a Douala-based record label under whose auspices he released two singles;

BOLO NO BE LUCK” featuring “Fig Dollar in February 2018, and

LIGHT OF AFRICA’, an international collaboration with “Big Child” from LIBERIA.

ICE later on got signed by “ALAKHANBO” an international record label based in Oklahoma, USA, under which he operates as a front line artist till date and has released a series of smash hits including;

Alakhanbo .May 12, 2019

One Mic – Oluwa ice x Hans Fadigal Oct 4, 2019

Ba Alakhanbo ft Qilla X Oluwa Ice – Boyz Dem Apr 24, 2020

Oluwa Nodi Sleep ft Nivo Ti & Young Holiday Aug 28, 2020

STREET GOSPEL  Dec 18, 2020

ICE G ft OLUWA ICE_Stubborn Fly Jun 6, 2021

Oluwa Ice – Hustle get for pay Jul 10, 2021

Trauma ft. Nivo Ti Sep 5, 2021

Hustle Get for Pay 2 ft Double Dough Nov 6, 2021

He previously adopted the name Oluwa Ice acknowledging the presence of Oluwa (God in Yoruba) in his life but had to later drop the Oluwa because of frequent identity issues with his Cameroon fan base pertaining to his adopting a Nigerian stage name and will be henceforth acknowledged as Big Ice as he is indeed big. 

Facebook: @Oluwa Ice official 
Instagram: @Iam_iceoluwa 
Twitter: @oluwaice1 

YouTube  @AlakhanboEntertainment


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