The highly anticipated Big Brother Naija Season 7 show is finally here. BBNaija Season 7 kicks off with a double launch show scheduled for Saturday 23rd of July 2022 and Sunday 24th of July 2022 with host Ebuka Obi Uchendu.

Multichoice, the organizers of BBNaija Season 7 promises that the housemates this season will be more interesting, you can’t afford to miss out on the drama, fun, suspense, and romance.
It’s time to meet the first set of housemates presented to us on Saturday.



He has a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Lagos and loves working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

He describes himself as “a positive, self-sufficient, supportive person” and believes his winning mentality never fails to push him and those around him to greater heights.

Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue  of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7



Beauty has done an impressive job of living up to her name. The 24-year-old lawyer from Taraba State was Miss Nigeria in 2019, becoming the country’s 43rd beauty to win the pageant. She also held the ‘Most Beautiful Girl Taraba’ title, from 2015 to 2017.

Beauty Etsany Tukura describes herself as a generous, open, reliable free-spirit and believes if she puts her mind to anything, she surely will achieve it.

Beauty Etsanyi Tukura  of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Beauty Etsanyi Tukura – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7



Khalid doesn’t like to beat around the bush when it comes to relationships, and his idea of fun is hanging out with the right people, having meaningful conversations, and engaging in extreme sports.

This 22-year-old freelance graphic designer and muralist from Plateau State loves to try new things and considers himself charismatic.

Full name Ismail Rukuba Ahalu

Ismail Rukuba Ahalu  of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Ismail Rukuba Ahalu – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7



21-year-old Ilebaye Odiniya is a criminology and security studies, graduate and entrepreneur. She loves swimming, partying, bowling and shopping, and considers herself a controversial, adventurous go-getter.

Ilebaye doesn’t believe in love and feels romantic relationships are all about pretense. “Maybe one day I will find a reason to believe in love, for now, not a chance,” she says

Ilebaye Odiniya  of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media



Art lover, movie junkie, and music freak Bright Hidi Nwekete aka Cyph hails from Imo State and studied Electrical Engineering at Madonna University.

He loves food, travel, fashion, and cruise, and admits he can be quite enigmatic. “I’m goofy, sociable, and playful too though, so that balances it out,” he says.

His motto is: ‘You only live once’ and Cyph ensures he remembers this when he has disagreements with loved ones by hashing out any differences immediately.

This 27-year-old is the first to admit he loves being happy but is prone to crying if someone makes him extremely angry. Although not in a relationship, Cyph has his eyes set on someone outside the house currently.

Bright Hidi Nwekete  of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Bright Hidi Nwekete – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7



“I am in between being a spoilt brat and a disciplined child”. Those are spicy opening words from 23-year-old health care worker and Anambra State native, Amaka. This self-professed daddy’s girl has only one sibling, is the only girl in her family, and loves generous men.

Her motto is: ‘Grab the bull by the horns and forge ahead’, which has helped her navigate the highs and lows life throws her way.

Amaka confesses she signed up for Big Brother Naija to not only win but to have fun, meet new people, and pepper all her exes.

Chiamaka Crystal Mbah  of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Chiamaka Crystal Mbah – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7



Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu is a married 28-year-old businessman who enjoys living life to the fullest.

Family means the world to him and he even counts one of his brothers as his best friend. “He is like a twin brother to me. I love my family. Our struggles made us stronger and I’m blessed to have them in my life”.

He describes himself as a “show-stopping, jaw-dropping human being” and takes pride in his talents. “I can do almost anything. I can sing, but not on Wande Coal’s level, sha. I dey dance small. I sabi act small. I have never pursued any of this seriously because man needs to survive first” he says.

Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu  of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu  – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7



When she’s not writing poetry, acting, or singing, you’ll find 22-year-old Daniella Utangbe Peters working out and staying fit. She hates bullies with a passion and believes in fair play, so she usually steps in as “the defender” during heated arguments.

Daniella loves meeting new people and describes herself as resilient, energetic, and observant. She has a twin brother, five older brothers, and a younger sister, and loves being part of a big family.

Although she just got out of a toxic relationship, Daniella still believes in love and is open to finding it one day.

Daniella Utangbe Peters of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Daniella Utangbe Peters – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7



Licensed pharmacist, Saviour Ikin Akpan aka Pharmsavi, is a confident multitalented extrovert with “an amazing sense of humor”. He is passionate about life and acting in particular, and would like to pursue the craft as a profession in the near future.

Pharmsavi enjoys traveling, dancing, and playing video games, and has a large network of friends, courtesy of his boisterous, friendly personality. He dislikes hypocrisy and deceit and considers himself emotional and competitive.

He loves graphic design and when he has time, you will find Pharmsavi playing table tennis.

Saviour Ikin Akpan of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media



Ijeoma Josephine Otabor describes herself as “allergic to malice”. She is short-tempered and can fight with a person one minute, then talk to them the next, like nothing happened.
She is single and believes she is a born entertainer. “My view on relationships is: Na mumu dey fall in love”.

This 25-year-old hype girl considers herself jovial and maintains she is allergic to gossip. “I don’t condone gossip, and a lot of people know I hate it. You can never gossip about someone to me,” she says

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Ijeoma Josephina Otabor – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7



Singer and songwriter Brian Chkuwuebuka Chiji aka Bryann counts Wande Coal, Vybz Cartel, and Angelique Kidjo as some of his musical influences. The 24-year-old who hails from Imo State started releasing music in 2019, and finally put out a full-length project in 2021.

Although down-to-earth and sometimes reserved, Bryann enjoys meeting new people, partying, and watching movies. “I would call myself an extravert; which is a mix of both an introvert and an extrovert.

I have random bursts of energy and I have low-energy days, but I understand how to navigate people in either of these situations,” he says.

Brian Chkuwuebuka Chiji of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Brian Chkuwuebuka Chiji – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7


Christy O

Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu is a beauty entrepreneur who runs a cosmetics business. This outspoken 24-year-old also models in her free time and believes in giving people second chances.

She describes herself as a “funny, smart and hardworking extrovert” and admits you are more than likely to find her “where the fun is” on any given day.

When she’s not hiking or enjoying a picnic with her close friends, Christy O makes time to write poems.

Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu  of BBNAIJA SEASON 7 - Blackstyle Media
Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu – BIG-BROTHER-NAIJA-SEASON-7


Have you picked your favorite housemate for the level-up showdown already? If not, relax the second set of housemates shall be introduced on Sunday launch time before the show premiers the same evening.

Good luck to your favs

Gaelle’s professional career

Former captain of the indomitable lionesses Gaelle Enganamouit has tendered a public apology appealing for forgiveness from the football-loving nation of Cameroon. We remember Gaelle’s professional career went into jeopardy last year following the release of a series of sex tapes involving Gaelle and a lady named ‘Kalifa’. Gaelle Enganamouit on one of her public outings  on the Chap Chap Magazine said the following

“My Dear Cameroonian brothers and sisters, I would start by asking you for forgiveness.  I am SORRY,
It is said that a child who recognizes his mistakes and promises to be better has the right to a second chance!

I know you are disappointed in me that is why I am pleading for your mercy. everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect or holy! Mine cost me my career, my life, my passion, FOOTBALL, the street kid that I was with lots of dreams and ambitions.

 I still harbor the desire and hope to go all the way to the top, I know I still have a lot to give to my country & I would love to have your support and blessings 🙏  . I have suffered so much, my plans have not changed for my younger sisters and teammates on the national team.

Once again we fell against Nigeria, which makes me very sad, I wanted them to break this barrier but it wasn’t to be.

I would like to congratulate them because they gave their all for the nation, I hope the opportunity will be given to me to bring my experience to this team full of hope and talent

These last few months, I took the time to meditate and ask for forgiveness from God and I know that he listened to me because he does not abandon anyone, he is merciful. I hope that with time, you will have a better image of me as a person.

Thank you to all those people who have continued to support me in recent months, thank you for your messages, your advice &  your presence.

I am very grateful”

This had met up with mixed reactions from Cameroon football fans and lovers especially coming at a time when the indomitable lionesses slumped at the ongoing African women’s cup of nations.

To air is human it is said and to forgive is divine, Gaelle is human just like any of us and prone to many mistakes that come from the anxiety of being a star.

If she has realized her mistake and retreated from the devilish lifestyle it should be good news for our nation and the kingdom of God.

We pray the authorities to see into her situation and restore her pride as a lioness.


Ace Cameroonian Disc Jockey Dertsman DJ is championing a movement to export Cameroonian and African urban music globally.

DJ Dertsman is a multi-award-winning Cameroonian DJ who acts as a DJ manager and Event Manager at Abu Tokyo – Bonaberi – Douala.

He has played in numerous snacks and nightclubs including Las Vegas Buea, Las Vegas Douala, and played at the African Club in Dubai before returning back to Cameroon to work at Abu Tokyo.

He presently runs a Program on My Music TV where he mixes Cameroon trending songs for an hour every week. He also runs the DJ Dertsman network where he grooms and markets young talents from Cameroon.

Under the umbrella of 237ultimatevibzdjs , he is compiling top Cameroonian and African urban music in mixtapes for streaming on Spotify, Audiomack, SoundCloud, Muzikol, 911music, and other streaming platforms. Video Mixtapes shall be available on YouTube.

The association of Cameroonian DJs is open to working with any interested artist.

Tel: 6 79 37 12 96/ 6 56 17 28 80.

Email: 237ultimatevibzdj2021@gmail.com


Don Moen and paramount ruler of the Bafaw tribe HRN Nfon Ekoko Mukete

Multiple award-winning gospel artist Don Moen yesterday received ancestral blessings from HRH Nfon Ekoko Mukete, the paramount ruler of the Bafaw tribe.

His visit is considered a privilege by the Christian people of Cameroon who consider him one of the best if not the best gospel artist of his time.

Worth noting is the fact that this is not the first time the man of God is spending time in this little country Cameroon out of all the fancy places he could go to.

His visits have become a routine since 2014 when he first visited the country and even held a live concert on the campus of the University of Buea and another one at the Limbe Botanic Garden.


Coming at a time when we rarely host international artists following the security unrest in the northwest and southwest regions, Don Moen has been a source of hope and relief to the hopeless.

In December 2020 he held a concert in Douala in partnership with Nigerian gospel singer Sinach.

Don Moen & Sinach

Ask Don Moen what he does, and the answer might surprise you. He won’t say he’s a songwriter even though he’s written more than 100 songs.

He won’t say he’s a worship leader even though he’s led worship on every continent but Antarctica and recorded numerous albums.

He won’t say he’s a businessman or producer even though he has produced and directed hundreds of successful projects.

If you ask Don Moen why God put him on this planet, he’ll tell you, “To be an architect who designs products and events that help people experience God’s presence in a new and fresh way.”

And in more than three decades of ministry, he’s had lots of opportunities to fulfill that purpose.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Cameroon as we continue to pray for God’s unlimited grace upon your life as you continue to enrich souls for the most high. 

News from Black Style ---Super-Didier-backs-a-Ph.d----Blackstyle-Media

Ivorian football legend, Didier Drogba is now a Ph.D. holder.

The former footballer was awarded an honorary degree at the Réseau des Universités des Sciences et Technologies des pays d’Afrique (RUSTA).

Drogba received the degree in the company of his mother, Clotilde, at a ceremony organized at the university’s premise on Thursday.

The 44-year-old played many times Ivory Coast and was a key member of the team that qualified for the country’s first-ever World Cup in 2006.

His international career spanned over a decade, as he rose to become the Elephants’ all-time top scorer with 65 goals, and also one of the all-time greats of English football club Chelsea where he presently plays an ambassador role.

News from Black Style  - Super-Didier-backs-a-Ph.d----Blackstyle-Media

Off the pitch, Drogba has also been a very influential figure in his home country, helping to stop a three-year civil war in 2005.

The two-time African Footballer of the Year has also supported children and invested massively in health infrastructure in his country in recent years.

The former Ivory Coast international is widely respected across the world for his excellence on and off the pitch.


Lovers of Cameroon music today celebrate what would have been the 25 birthday of rising star Fhish.

The ‘head of Gophmen’ as he was fondly called met his waterloo after colliding with a truck en route for a show in Buea on the 23rd of December 2021, which sadly claimed his life.

News of his death came as a shock to the entire Cameroon entertainment industry owing to the fact that the star had just emerged winner of the Biggie studios reality show.


Fans of the deceased artists have immortalized the star by putting efforts into accomplishing many projects the head of Goghmen left unfinished.

The artist has sold over a million streams from his ‘Silk’ and ‘ I am Cameroon’  albums.

In celebration of this achievement, the ‘Gophmen’ is organizing a birthday party at the Abu Tokyo lounge where they will be awarding prizes to the winner of ‘c’est pas le hoo challenge’ as well as celebrating the legacy of the venerated artist with the most of his smash hits the likes of:

Njoh’ ft Longue Longue  

anti kirikou’  ,

kak kak’  .

The entire team of Black Style Media says “happy birthday head of Gophmen, even death can’t stop your vision as you will forever remain with us’.

It’s funny how we criticize our pastors for not practicing what they preach but would do nothing when a Music artist does the same.
Hypocrisy flows through our veins!



Here is what happened Following the Burnaboy saga which took place in the Curbanna night Club lagos some days back;

According to a preliminary police report by the Bar Beach Police Division in Lagos State, trouble started around 4 a.m. when the Grammy winner and five police escorts visited Club Cubana on Victoria Island. 

Burnaboy came to the club with some friends among which were 3 ladies. While in the club, feeling like a big boy, he saw a fine chick, Neme Steph Briella, and asked his bodyguard to go call this girl for him.

On the first attempt, Briella told Burna’s bodyguard she wasn’t interested in talking to Burna Boy, and that she is married and presently with her husband. 

Mr. Bodyguard left and came back again the second time but was given the same response.

this man is a born chick hustler

The third attempt caused a few of Briella’s friends to flare up as they asked why he kept coming to bother her.”

At this point, Her partner and Burna Boy’s security men started trading words back and forth and that languished into war. As a result, shots were fired living two seriously injured. 


What Burna Boy had to say

Despite Burnaboy‘s trending on Twitter because of this matter, he refused to address the issue but said he is not surprised nor worried about what the Nigerian Social media says because he knows they will do anything to drag him down or go as far as pushing the narative that he started Bokoaram!

who deh push bokoara narrative
for here noh?


Briella’s version of the story

Briella took to her Instagram story channel with details of what went down that night at the club.

In her report, she revealed that she and her husband came into the country for a wedding and they were at Cubanna Nightclub celebrating the newlyweds when Burna Boy and his friends arrived.

As the night progressed, one of the singer’s friends approached her on his behalf and she declined and also made it known that she was there with her husband. 

The friend approached Briella two more times and on the third attempt saw people around her asking what he wanted, words were exchanged and a small fight followed.

The security men at the place fixed the situation, but Burna’s friends started another fight and went on a shooting spree after what seemed like a signal from the singer.

Implying Burnaboy ordered the shooting?

Burna escaped without a scratch while another of Briella’s friends was shot in the thigh and had to go into surgery.

Mr. Lawrence, Briella’s partner sustained injuries on his head and leg and according to Briella, Obi Cubana, the club owner, only reached out to her four days after the incident and claimed he had no idea what had transpired at his club.

The business mogul promised to do everything to bring justice for attempted murder.

Briella also said that 11 days after Mr. Cubana’s promise, the club’s management had failed to release any CCTV footage or address the incident in a statement.

His Business carried on as usual.

A police source said Burna Boy rushed out of Nigeria immediately after the incident, but that an invitation had been expressed to him to comply with the command upon arrival from his trip.

Investigations are ongoing and already, the five police escorts attached to the singer have since been arrested for unprofessional conduct and are being detained at the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja.

we deh ontop the matter so


Former Cameroon striker Samuel Eto’o was handed a 22-month suspended prison sentence by a Spanish court on Monday after admitting tax fraud of 3.8 million euros ($4.00 million) while he was playing for Barcelona.


Samuel Eto’o who was playing from the years 2006 to 2009 didn’t pay his taxes according to the Spain court of Barcelona.

The legend striker Amidst to the fact that he was not paying because he was wrongly advised. 


In his own words:

“I  admit the facts and I am going to pay what is  due, but let it be known that I was just a child then and did only what my former agent Jose Maria Mesalles, whom I considered like a father, asked me to do at that time”

Eto’o, who is now 41, told the court in Barcelona on Monday.

Both Samuel Eto’o and Jose Maria Mesalles ( who was Eto’o agent during that period ) were sued. Mesalles was given a one-year suspended jail term.

But the prosecutor had requested prison sentences of four years and six months each for Eto’o and Mesalles


It should be noted that this is a tax on the income he received from the transfer of image rights from Puma to Barcelona.

The sentence was suspended as neither Eto’o nor Mesalles has a criminal record and the terms are under two years.


Eto’o shall  be paying A total of 3,872,621 euros (£3,330,514) for the dues not paid and another sum of 1,810,310 euros (£1,556,894) as fine to avoid jail time


A new era is dawning in the Cameroon Entertainment industry. Gradually the days of plank awards, and low-budget movies that never get to see the light of the day is seeming like it’s “bye-bye”.

I feel like the Cameroon Entertainment industry is going somewhere! 

We now talk Netflix even though we seem to be late for the Netflix party and then Mtn Zik makes a bold move to mix awarding with a little “ngomboh” to it! 

Who doesn’t want to receive an award with a small envelope ehhh!

Our musicians put in so much work to entertain us and deserve a little sugar to sweeten Their cup of coffee in the morning before embarking on a hard and hot day in the studio! 

No offense but we are so done with empty claps. Unless our intent is to drive our stars to starvation and depression!

The purpose of giving out awards is to encourage and acknowledge! Now if an envelope is added to it, won’t it become even more ideal? 

 “Na so awards go suddenly carry Betta punch”, won’t you agree?

SEO awards organizations is kind enough to see that our musicians need some financial incentives

Some nights ago was the MTN ZIt awards and we can say the winners went home with smiles on their faces. Every artist had a bag.

Some had bags of cloth and other things while only a select few had bags of Mula.
At least everyone had a bag noh!.







(3,000,000 FRS)




(1.000.000 FRS)



Maahlox Officiel

(1.000.000 FRS)




(1.500.000 frs)



Ego & Prido

(1.000.000 FRS)



JATO Sonita

(500,000 FRS)




(1.000.000 frs )




(500,000 frs)




 (2.000.000 frs )




 (2.000.000 FRS) 




(1.500.000 frs)



Mic Monstar



We hope to see more effort from MTN Cameroon to initiate the change that Cameroon Entertainment Industry needs! 

Being a majoh communication giant no be for njoh noh!

Congratulations to all the winners. 


Father’s Day wahala  ohh!


ASKIA In a live Facebook video broadcast today called the attention of Quillla, her Ex husband to Man up for the child they both share. By manning up, I mean being there for them like any father is supposed to.


Does this mean Qilla has been enjoying a life of freedom while avoiding his responsibilities?


According to Askia, that’s exactly what it is. Quilla hasn’t been responsible since after their separation. No visits, no financial or moral support. He is completely absent from the child’s life.

She claims she did call Quilla, begging him to take his place in the child’s life but  nothing changed

Water on deck’s back and Quilla is the deck here ohh!


Due to a lack of corporation from her Ex-husband, she decided to celebrate  Father’s DAY with her being the Father in this equation.

Asa result she got the attention of her Ex.


Quilla after witnessing such a manifestation became furious. He wasn’t pleased and Called such a showdown a Blackmail.


But wait a minute! Where is the Ransome? Is askia a blackmailer?


Askia further justified her actions in the live cast that, a celebration had to happen. It had to since she had been juggling the role of father and mother to make her child happy!


Do you think Askia’s excuse was reasonable?


Mixing things up with a little threat, Askia told Quilla that she is willing to be his Competition as far as the happiness of her child is concerned if he doesn’t play ball.

By playing ball, I mean taking his rightful responsibility as the father of her child. And that consequence awaits Qilla if he doesn’t since he likes to take her matter to socha media!.

Children don’t fall from trees! 
They need their father.



A month is given for Quilla to adjust by Judy Askia and we all await what she plans to unleash on Quilla if he chooses to continue feeling free like Frida.