Our Black girl Magician, Diva, and recently MTN ZIK Award winner comes to us bearing gifts. Gifts of sweet sweet melodies to bombard our eardrums and get us to flex and shake our bums.

E be like this nyango na some serious 
nangamboko for studio ehh!

“NA MALA”, Track 3 from the Album “Black Girl Magic” by Rinyu is another love song with stunning visuals from Mr. Adrenaline himself. The song tackles marital issues with a focus on men who are not contented with their wives. 

Men would pretend they are single 
just to get another woman

The moral she brings through this song is that:

“If the food in your house is bland, figure out how to spice it up to taste”


Directed by: Mr. Adrenaline (Buea, Cameroon)
Audio produced by PhillBill
Concept: Achu Normad
Starring: Daniel Nsang, Pa Ngwa, Slim Mama
Dancers: Aline Snuff, Remi, Quinz Hauz
Stylist: Brisse Toukam Yetmou (Brisse Style)

Rinyu is a love doctor and a musical genius and has been releasing good songs back to back since day one. I really can’t say much about this beautiful Diva because her body of work speaks volumes.

Akumba Music is the muscle and brains while she is the voice and talent and the marriage between this two is sensational.  

Rinyui always delivers.

make I go wear my shakis enjoy song

Let us hear your thoughts on this song in the comment section, please

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