I don’t feel like hyping anything about this mega star cuz his reputation speaks volumes.

Known for his agenda to uplift the young generation of Cameroon musicians, Tzy seems to always be with a rope (figure of speech).

A rope those coming up can hold on to. He always seemed to be rising alongside those behind him! (Kinda like flee and maize)

Always finding his way while fighting for his team as evident in “NA SO” and “Put your hands on we


His greatness follows him as he breeds the next generation of musicians. A nice way to prep for retirement when the time comes. (No body fit be king forever ohh.  

His approach to music is packed with lessons we all could learn from! But first, take a listen to “My Life”


In his words:

My Life‘ is a diary that tells tales of realities. (I no go skull for Sabi this big talk)

He could be implying that “My life” speaks about the realities of the lives of the 11 artists featured in the project…

One real thing in life is that, everyone has their own story, struggles of life, and situations ships and unless you wear their shoes, you won’t understand what there have or are still going through.

I must say the concept is very relatable.

The journey of life for an ambitious man is mostly solo with experience as their number one teacher. Their outcome is mostly how far they can go, endure or struggle.


Even though no two people would have the same life journey, the stories of Tzy Panchak Lill Humble, Waxzey, Babi C, Lex Merton, Doriane, Cookie, Tilla, Wambeng Dici Oku, Snoopy Binka, and Pierose Untamed, can be heard on this mastered piece


“My life” Would make you know there is hope.  If only you can ride on, keep fighting, and remain strong while at it.

Maybe you could relate to some of these stories or all of them!

Enjoy another classic collaboration from the stables of Greatness!


‘My Life’ was produced by Abz.

The video was shot by Mr. Adrenaline,

Assisted by Wavelez and story by Tzy Panchak.


Who holds the best verse in the song? By beat I mean, the verse you relate to the most? (No unhealthy competition here!)

Let’s make use of the comment section ohh. Post your comment and I go read.

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