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Mobe Molondo - Artist - BGC Melody

Before I begin permit me emphasize that I am a fan of Rumba!!! if you are not , I promise you after listening to this amazing guy ,you will become!

Mobe Molondo is a one of a kind artist ,of Congolese nationality ,based in Kingshasa, whose art is centred around the Rumba, Soukous and AfroBeats.

Previous knowledge on his releases will tell you what actually sets him apart and makes him stand out in a niche where you have the likes of Koffi Olomide ,Ferra Gola and even Fally Ipupa!

He just pimped the Rumba!!!! Oh and he does it so well! Too bad my bones are old and I can’t twist and turn and…ok back to bizness…

Just so you know he is not an Inde artist he is signed to one of the most renowned Cameroonian record Label BGC melody which is a subsidiary and franchise of Barthson Global Communications Management, a corporate communications and digital marketing company registered in the state of California and based in Arlington, Virginia, United States.

BGC Melody currently has 5 artists : Bah Ndong, Jaye Atise, Deenah ,Yaria Neemah and Eli Solo.16 Fashion and commercial models,and 3 actors and actresses under it’s management!

Wow, gimme a moment lemme catch my breath! That is some repertoire right Thur!

Remember Marc Eff of Kovapot ? the guy who produced Choumchere a.k.a Be proud by Witty Minstrel, She Loves me by Asu Chalz… well get this … He is so good BGC put him on the payroll!we global baby!

Out of an album of 14 songs he produced 3 , Common people! Honor should be given to whom it is due!

Album GUERRIER by Mobe Molondo (Titre des Chansons)

  1. Persévérance (Killer)
  2. Désolé (Ricco King)
  3. Faux NZELE (Bionic)
  4. Ki Vantard feat. Bah’Ndong (Simplice Djazz, Marc Eff)
  5. Bina Nayo (MD Prod)
  6. Ombakadji feat. Deenah (MD Prod)
  7. Don Julio Bats (Marc Eff)
  8. Reviens-Moi feat. Jayé (Aristote, Marc Eff)
  9. Elengi Ya La Vie (Simplice Djazz)
  10. Insatisfaite feat. Yaria Neemah, Flaide (MD Prod)
  11. Mampala feat Ibrator Mpiana (Simplice Djazz)
  12. Super Woman (MD Prod)
  13. Bo Muana (Simplice Djazz)
  14. Guerrier BGC (JP Kiss)

Mehhhn I have to hand it to BGC ..they’ve done a great job!!

Mobe Molondo is about to drop another banger!! If you have never listened to his songs ,DO NOT miss this one!

His New Album titled GUERRIER coming up later today!

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