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Some Cameroonian music fans have given their opinion on marriages in the industry, most of them think marriages can’t last in the industry, the reason being that there’s been a few failed marriages in the industry.

However, this opinion has been proven to be false as there are marriages that keep getting better every day. Let’s analyze a few of these unions below.

Article - Marriage and the Cameroon music industry - Magasco and Wife - Blackstyle Media


It came to many as a shock when magasco announced his engagement and wedding to Fallon on the media as everyone thought he was going to make things official with his baby mama instead.

However, the entire social media embraced his choice and it was going well until one faithful morning when Fallon took to her Instagram saying she wants a divorce cause she was lured into the marriage and she doesn’t want it anymore.

Magasco came debunking the allegations and claimed everything was fine but two hours later, videos and pictures of Fallon emerged online of her and her alleged ex-boyfriend, celebrating her birthday in limbe and the atmosphere seemed so romantic.

That’s how separation came in.

Marriage and the Cameroon music industry - Askia and Quilla


This was of the most envied marriages in the industry as they both seemed so in love and happy with each other.

It all looked like a bed of roses until Mami Bakala decided to speak up about the many ills she has been facing in the marriage and then decided to call for separation since the marriage was messing with her mental health.

Quilla on the other hand has never spoken his own side of the story to date but keeps changing his relationship status on Facebook from married to single and then to In a relationship.

We still hope to hear his side of the story.

Marriage and the Cameroon music industry -Daphe and Husband - Blackstyle Media


Daphne, the queen of the Cameroonian music industry got married to her sweetheart Williams.

They both have been married for a while now and they’re so happy together and their special bond keeps getting stronger and stronger by the day.

We hope and pray it remains that way and that they spend their forever together.

Marriage and the Cameroon music industry -numerica-and-wifey - Blackstyle Media


This is an example of a marriage to emulate. These two have been together for over four years and have been married for over two years.

Although they don’t their marriage a lot on social media, Fese, however, posts lovely photos of them on her timeline once every now and then and there have been no rumors of separation or divorce affiliated with their union.

Fese who’s also her husband’s stylist has been doing a great job and she keeps doing it. We pray their union keeps waxing strong by the day.

It is true that there are no perfect unions or marriages but there however exist good marriages and marriage is not all thorns as people portray it sometimes.

We still have some couples in the industry who are still courting like MEL.B AKWEN and K 9ine.

We hope to celebrate many more marriages in the industry and hope that they all have their happily ever afters with their spouses.

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