Magasco defends his ‘Bobe’ Persona amidst Saga


Since the turn of the year 2022, if there is one web series Cameroon’s English-speaking showbiz community has followed without being charged a subscription fee, it must be the ‘Magasco-Max- Falone Circus’. Sounds a good title for a movie doesn’t it?

We have heard various angles of the story without a comprehensive and unanimous standpoint. Just as Barr.

Chombeng Allen puts it ‘people here swearing and cursing the lady when they have given other men’s kids to different dads knowingly’.


Today we find a post with Falone begging to Fix issues with Max, in the next post we find Max crying over being betrayed by Falone, and the following day we find Falone warning Magasco to stop spreading rumors about her begging Magasco to come back into her life.

However, the purpose of this write-up is not to decipher who is the victim or villain in this brouhaha but to commend the maturity and professionalism of Magasco amidst the turmoil.

This story is not so unique from what happens in our communities and neighborhoods on a daily basis but if it has caught our attention is due to the fact that it involves a renowned public personality.

But here is the irony, since Magasco made released a video on social media wishing happy birthday to the estranged wife we have heard little or nothing from him on this issue.

Most of the information about events that followed is gotten from Max and Falone, one is tempted to think they are cloud chasers, maybe that was a key role in Falone’s marriage to Magasco.


If there is one thing we can all unanimously agree it’s the fact that resorting to social media has never delivered a positive mediation to our personal issues.

In the midst of all the noise, Magasco has exhibited a ‘father-figure’ persona hence the reason why he is ‘bobe’ which in Kom means ‘father’.

One key attribute of a father is his ability as the man of the house to be able to control and keep whatever happens in his house out of public reach.

Unlike other artists who would find themselves in such a mix, the artist has seemingly gone about enhancing his music business and tours thrilling us with beautiful singles such as ‘Yes I Do’  off his album affection’. 

That’s maturity and from our theme, we say kudos to Bobe Magasco.

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