Ma Grace Ewang: an outstanding individual and a unique breed



Good people are rare. They are not born, but they are made. Just imagine for a second, a world without good people. It would be bleak. A place without light and hope, without kindness. Without people like Ma Grace Ewang who goes out of her way, every chance she gets to make society a better place for others.

Through the years she has found many ways to be of service to others and become a great inspiration to many. Today we spotlight her as an outstanding individual and a unique breed


Mrs. Ngo Grace Ewang is the Senior Youth and action counselor of EYASU, a woman who simply lives to see a smile on the face of everyone she comes across. She is equally an anthropologist and archeologist.

Ma Grace was born on February 1st, 1970 in Konye, to parents who hail from Bombangi Bataga village in the Ndian Division of the South West Region of Cameroon.

The learned Grace Ewang

Ma Grace did her primary education in Koutaba and completed secondary school in Mbanga and Douala. She then proceeded to study economics at the University of Yaounde 2 in Soa.  She did most of her studies in French, reasons why she’s very flexible in speaking both languages.

 However, with her increased determination to impact the lives of people, she chose the field of arts and culture where she felt her passion and mission to the world would be more realizable. Hence she proceeded to back a master’s degree in Anthropology and Archeology from the University of Yaounde 1.

Professional Career

Madam Grace Ewang has done a lot of research over the years in project management and execution, based on cultural policies, which is a major key to her success. This enables her to empower youths in various domains like events planning, council project management, and music management.

Why choose the ministry of Arts and Culture?

Growing up Ma Grace had the zeal to go after the difficult ventures everyone else would try to avoid. In a country where the most intelligent students either want to become medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., the young ma Grace saw the desire to preserve our cultural heritage which is the very foundation of our identity as Africans.

Hence she ventured into taking further studies in archeology, a field that was sparsely represented in the country.

Growing up in a family of 9 that comprised of enthusiasts in music, poetry, designing, and writing, ma Grace Ewang saw the challenges her siblings faced in trying to realize their dreams. She, therefore, saw the need to be a lawyer/adviser for the future generation to help them realize their passion.

Experience in grace

Madam  Grace Ewang has a career in arts and culture that spans over 20 years. She has served as the Regional Delegate of Arts and Culture for the South West since 2014. She is also the founder of EYASO Association and has supervised and executed over 100 projects in Events Planning and Council Project Management. She has also orientated over 1000 youths in the domain of arts and culture.

As a woman of caliber, She has been the brain behind numerous events like the National Festival of Arts and Culture in Maroua in 2000. Also, she has assisted in the setting up of museums in the South West and North West Regions like the Lefafa Museum, and the Bamugoh Palace Museum.

Her reach extends far beyond borders as she has worked in collaboration with dignitaries from countries like the USA, France, and the UK, exporting our rich culture across boundaries.

Challenges faced

One of her greatest challenges has come in her role as a mediator/ middleman in convincing some parents that their kids can pursue a career in arts and culture side by side with their education. It is rather unfortunate that most parents see arts and entertainment as an avenue that would derail their children from focusing on academics.

Adopting the white man’s lifestyle like dressing, food, and choice of music, is very typical of our youths and Ma grace has tried to make them see the “ambiance” in the cultural preservation of African traditions but without recognizable success.

 Since the advents of the Anglophone Crisis Ma Grace Ewang has faced a problem of mobility as certain areas of the region and people cannot be accessed easily.


Way Forward

The adage ‘if you don’t practice you will forget’ has been Mrs. Ewang’s watch ward as she continues to touch the lives of the younger generation trying to make them realize the wealth of preserving our cultural and traditional heritage.  Of course, as a government official, Ma Grace could never predict the future and has recently been transferred out of the South West. She has accomplished much but still feels there is a lot to be done.

Through her EYASU Association, ma Grace will continue to help youths in project writing and management.

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  1. Mouta Patricia
    Mouta Patricia says:

    Thank you for this wonderful exposure, she is worth more than gold, she is indeed outstanding, her story is far from being over, God is going to lift her to higher heights. She deserves the best . Eh my sister ,as she will say. I love her so much

  2. Linns
    Linns says:

    the mother every kid will wish to have
    , I remember on one occasion on culture she chaired n when it was time for item 11 she left her high table n served people food, God bless u ma


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