The new wave maker in the movie industry, HALF HEAVEN  is a beautiful collaboration between Check Sense Productions and Boomerang Pictures. bringing you a movie like no other.

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The official movie trailer and poster will be unveiled in the days ahead but before that, get ready because on Friday June 17, The Half Heaven challenge shall be launched and participation will be open to all followers.

There is a whooping sum of 250k (FCFA) to be won, as seen on their Facebook page @half_heaven_the_movie.

Follow the page for other exciting news and for more info on how you can participate in the challenge.



Starring @syndyemade @seehoferstudios @chidimokeme @malvisann_mohvu Malvis @mbenglilian__official @obi_tambe @fonkamchristiansteve @brendaelung @iya_lim_official @Robinson Wotany @yannick_dominus @becky.kiki @ngalembua @iambe.1


Director – @johnscott_enah

AD – @belvia_abinwi

DOP – @reneettat

1st Camera Ass – @mr_wasi_fathes

2nd Camera Ass – @itzclaude.90

Gaffer – @obi_tambe

Gaffer Ass – @dejolimabu_a.k.a_mr.cool

Sound Recordist – @wilfredplanner

Boom Operator – @Bulu Mcmorgan

Writer/Producer – @proxymelvin

Producer/ Executive Producer – @carista_labelle

Production Designer – @tgimstudios

Location/Production Manager – @sumbaitheactor

Costumier – @modestaforkwa

Costumier Ass 1 – @thelmaforkwa

Costumier Ass 2 – @Rose Ajah

Make up Artist – @ojongchelsea

Make up Ass – @Arrey Elizabeth

Continuity – @fonyuy_michael

Props and sets – @ndashidanieltanteh

BTS – @drray8

Welfare – @isabelletandap

While we wait for the official launch of the movie

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