Mr. Leo, a Cameroon musician hailing from the northwest region of Cameroon is an indigenous of the Nzo tribe.

While it could be said that people from Nso are easily identified by their tongue (no offense ohh! We’re proud of who we are) or by their names:  Fonyuy Leonard Nsohburinka   (Mr. Leo) is a typical son of the soil, from a well renewed and prestigious tribe.

A tribe that supports each other to succeed. Such success will become evident as we zone in on the music career of Mr. Leo.


The beginning of Leo

Mr. Leo started music in Buea during a time when urban music in Cameroon was not yet a big deal.

But gradually he struggled his way to fame in 2015 when he released the single “E Go Betta” which later became a hit.

A hit that piloted his popularity aggressively throughout the nation of Cameroon

Alpha Betta Record was his umbrella, the Record he signed to before releasing: Ego better”

“E go better” was relatable; one of the reasons it became a hit and also due to the fact that it was wonderfully produced by our heavyweight, Salatiel, a season musician and producer with years of experience making hits.

I know the attention here is Leo but have you guys noticed that most things Salatiel has touched eventually turn to Gold? A topic for another day.

(I won’t let Oga Salatiel steal this post.)

Radios, TVs, the street, the ajajas, the Nagambokos, and even the first lady grooved to the emotional manipulations of “E Go Better”.

It was a memorable period in Buea, Cameroon, the wonderful days when we had the luxury to do music without watching our backs

(you gerit? If you don’t gerit forget abt it)


While the public was enjoying the wonderful visuals of E go better, brained by Ada Akenji, one of our many heavy-weight Music video directors, Leo was in the studio cutting Records back to back.

And this is clearly evident in the bombs he dropped after “E go better”, basically making his first record achievements feel like a joke.

(a little spice for this soup no fit kill person noh)


Another Banger!

On Va Gérer” dropped in November 2015 and everybody went crazy.  In fact, me sef I craz ohh. You know how fame turns a guy into black chocolate and you just want to chop it nah!

Out with the old, in with the new, the whole nation jumped into the ” On Va Gérer” wagon and instead of crying about our poverty, we were dancing with it. (smart contrast for Mr. Leo there)

A result of proper understanding of using melodies, experience, and relatability to manipulate the feelings of the audience. Leo knew we couldn’t cry and continue to make promises in solitude!

Leo put a zing to the same message. lol


Awards came calling and girls came rushing. Accolades here we come!!

Remember how I said the Nso people do not joke with their people’s issues? Banso pipo took matters into their hands

(I no di imply say u no be support Leo ohh)

As tribalistic as this may sound if this was our only sin, our Music makers would all be landlords but e get as e be Since most of us have chosen to teach Mark Zuckerberg how Social media is supposed to be used: to drag down our own brothers and sisters for likes and views,

make I continue with Leo, my sweetheart
( if I hear pim, u die).




Balafon Awards in 2016,

Best Male Artist from Central Africa at the AFRIMA in 2017

 best male single for his title “Never Never” at the African Entertainment Awards (USA).

Ambassador Deals

Brand Ambassador for the Itel Mobile group in 2017.

ambassador and participant of cuhliamusic

An initiative to promote resilience for artists in Africa and across the globe 2021

An ambassador to yango taxi agency 2022

Hard Work Makes The Dream Work!

Not only is Money that moves this handsome ohh, but He also loves nature!

(some people love the forest too much lol. Make small joke no kill u a beg)

Leo joined World Nature Funds to protect Mother Earth by being a part of their project and using his talent to support this initiative with a song featuring other African musicians.

You want hear song! Listen below:

Despite all this back to back hits, Leo isn’t pumping up his brakes any time soon! Good music has never been an issue for this my sexilicious Manly Music guru (see abbs! 6 pack weh e di exits in real life. No be photoshop)


The End of Alpha Beta the Dawing of a Legend

We sign contracts here and there and they are never meant to last forever! (You know how we roll!)

The same thing applies to Leo (Na wa club member noh!)

The deal with Alpha Betta ended and we moved on to even bigger things (No offense to Oga Salatiel, children would definitely grow to be fathers for other children so they can then be father potential! 


Be calming down please.
(no be me go fry ya IP)
Am I the only one seeing that alpha-beta has never been the same since Leo left?  A topic for another day!
(I come bearing gift)


Alpha Beta Made a Lion:

Do you know how the king of the jungle always gets what He wants even with the Ladies? This is not one of those stories.

Leo is a very respectful Lion King who Holds his Old oga dearly everywhere e goes. So this Lion was born by a bigger lion

(coded things you know!)

Leo from an apprentice to oga started calling shorts nah. He upgraded from signing contracts to giving contracts (lol, we’re way too big ohh)

Under lion productions, Kamini ( a fine Nyango from the west region) and  Gomez were the only two having the Lion Productions Hose for themselves


“Soulever” dropped and Mr. Adrenalin became James Cameroon on the Video

(used as an expression biko. I no first sabi who be James Cameron sef, lol)


From here, was Father and two children dropping hits back to back. Hits were many to a point we lost count and just kept dancing.

( kind of like what papa does to this our land and we all have become used too)( You get it now?)

In mid-2022 Mr. Sympa was signed and then later, more signs! (which we won’t talk about today)

 Before MR Sympa was Signed, we all woke up one morning to the News that the two children of Lion production don’t want to do again. (not like the two left the same day ohh!).

My heart was broken by the news but you know na! I am a strong lady so I picked the pieces up, with a little super glue and Baam! the heart is brand new again and I was ready to give it out once more

Kamini and Gomez later tried to convince us that all was well in the jungle hse. Even The Lion didn’t explain much about his Cubs!

All we heard was Cubs are parting ways with Papa Lion cuz it’s the best. We don’t even know where mama lion is.


Is it safe for lion Cubs to become independent? It’s easy for the jungle to mistake Cubs for pussi ohh

(yes, pussi without a Y, Bad fashion pikins)

The fact of this matter be say, truth no fit hide and soon we go know. Too many Hyaenas in this jungle. One might hear a cry out for Papa lion to come to the rescue!

Cubs too can hunt thanks to training for Papa Lion, so we are very flexible for both outcomes


The Lion Roars

All these pimples don’t affect Mr. Leo and his career! His tradition of back-to-back music didn’t stop

(u see why I crush this guy! I hope say I talk am fine. Not all of us are romantic like telenovela babes)

On a solid rock, Leo stands, always busy making hits and from one project to the next. He even had to reinvent himself to portray the true son of the soil that he is!

He lost half of his followers when he switched his sound to Folk but the “ kendeh” had to go. Out with the old, In with the new. Leo deserves a fanbase of movers and shakers!

What he lost in quality turned what he was left with into quality. He is bigger and even better now

Cameroon and Nso tribe are already proud of this Man. I can imagine mothers in the village trying to hook up their daughters to this great soul.

If there has to be a world championship among musicians and Lion doesn’t stand at the forefront, repping this nation ehh!,  I go fall bush

( I have a bush in my backyard ready for me to fall into!)

 As frightening as it is to those who know the logistics of touring, Leo did a Cameroon tour. Should I remind you about the 10 regions that make up Cameroon?

(I will not be your history teacher today  am fully booked)

From world tour to a live music tour where he got the support of ASKIA, Mary Asaba. A hero indeed



Staying under a label and consistently dropping hits for 13 years is no joke. Some of our musicians can barely last in a 3-year contract and I must commend Mr. Leo for his Laser focus, humility, and the ability to empower those in need.

He is a true living example for us to learn from. He left from a nobody to becoming the boss of his own Label, Lion productions to gracing the billboard in New York time square with the release of his album, “Africa Jeey”

Despite all this, it’s evident that his career is just getting started.

Ride on my love (Make I no loose hussy for this kind compliment ohh)

Blackstyle media deh ya back papa.

Much love

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