Nobody is winning any 20 Billion here. Not when I need money so badly. But wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Ko-c just blessed us with some hot “Peper Soup” this morning.

Only obstacles ehh! Canada! Foot Cow! Chicken Leg! Goat head! I even had to skip breakfast.

This music is so sacaricious !

Me again with too much hype but all this hype no be for nothing!
If song fine likythis we suppose enjoy yam well well!


Here is  “Quand J’aurai L’argent” by Ko-c ft Inoss’B


Prod by: Phillbill x Chinjong
Directed by: Chuzih
Mixed & Mastered by Phillbill


Thoughts do manifest and Ko-c and Innoss’B are telling us exactly what they would do when they have money. They have big dreams for sure but mine is bigger!

“If get the money I go surely start smoke Camerooninas them like Cigar” 

No be me talkam abeg.Na some grand so for Buea.
Infact ah go send nkolo for any body weh e fit guest
whch artist talk that talk weh ah just talkam so. Lol


ko-c says he will pay Misse Leona and Christiano Ronaldo to come to play in his compound just to entertain himself and his family.  Imagine for a second the amount of money he talks about!

saah!  Thats Plenty monie


Innoss’B on the other hand would get all the big girls in the world, from Kim Kardashian to Beyoncé when he gets his own bag. By bag, I mean mulah!

This na yi fantasy so make we no judge am abeg.


In fact, Someone should go and wake those two up before they dream their way to Porostous. 

Weti  consent njangah inside this salad sef

ITS —ANOTHER–BANGER!! Ko-c and Innoss’B just dropped some hot “Peper Soup” this morning. Only Canada! Foot Cow! Chicken Leg! Goat head! I even had to skip breakfast. This song is so so “SACARICIOUS”

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