Who is Duala Duala?

Duala-Ekoko Elijah Duala aka Duala Duala is a gaffer and production coordinator with the Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited (CPE); one of the biggest video production companies in Cameroon.
He was one of the company’s co-founders in 2011.

He hails from Bai Sombe, a village in Meme Division – South West Region of Cameroon. He is the 8th child in a family of 13.

A “school boi” in Show Business!

The actor extraordinaire did his primary and secondary education in Buea.
He later went on to achieve:

  • A diploma in Human Resource Development and an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Development at the Pan-African Institute for Development, West Africa (PAID-WA) between 2010-2011.
  • A Diploma in Maritime Expertise and Surveillance at Centre D’enseignement Maritime-Cameroon in 2013 and also
  • A diploma in Safety and Prevention (Fire Fighting) at the NAVAL Base in Bonanjo Douala-Cameroon that same year.
Duala Duala: Co Founder of Cameroon Phase Of Entertainment

The journey of Duala Duala.

He began his career in the Cameroon Film Industry as a set coordinator and Gaffer sometime in 2015, in the short film “MIGRATION” directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens. In 2017, he made his acting debut with the short films “CAESAR” and ”21st AGE (Oblivion)”, both directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

What is a Gaffer?
According to masterclass.com, gaffer is the chief lighting technician on a set and is head of the electrical department. The gaffer’s job is to run a team of lighting technicians to execute the lighting plan for a production. The name “gaffer” in Hollywood actually comes from British slang for a tool called the “gaff,” which was a hooked metal pole used in theatre to adjust the stage lights.

Under the banner of Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Ltd (CPE Ltd), Duala Duala has participated in over 1000 music video projects working with household names like Mr. Leo, Dr. Nkeng Stephens, Daphne, Locko, Tenor, Salatiel, Askia, Mimie, Magasco, Stanley Enow, Mic Monsta, Tzy Panchak, Wax Dey. Lady Ponce, Kameni, Shura, Mani Bella, Longue Longue, and many others.

He has always shown interest in acting since 2014 but only took it professionally in 2021 and has diverse skills

Extra Skillset:

  • A rich imaginative capacity can be channeled through taking on different characters
  • As a child, he discovered he was gifted with emotional expressions, languages, physicality, and psychological insights.
  • He is decorated in Tae Kwon Do and Traditional kickboxing Martial Arts, all of which help make him the ideal actor he is.


Curious about many societal issues, acting allows him to experience “many lifetimes in one lifetime” by taking on different roles and assuming different characters.

He received an award for Best Short Film at the Art City Short Film Festival and also got nominated at the Green Light Awards under the Best Actor Category.

Duala Duala: Co Founder of Cameroon Phase Of Entertainment

Linkup with Duala Duala

You can connect with Duala Duala through Tel. 6 76 10 89 87.
He can equally be reached via his social media handles.

Facebook @DualaDuala

Tiktok @DualaDuala7

Instagram @DualaDuala

Twitter @ DualaDuala

32 replies
  1. Ifinchi
    Ifinchi says:

    Hard work and consistency in his story, more of a super naturally African breed worth emulating. More wins more wings on this promising journey. Jah bless

  2. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    Duala Duala my best cameroonian Actor , bad ass sexy artist and best cinematic gaffer. Very very professional. I love you , big kiss

  3. Duala Duala
    Duala Duala says:

    Yes yesssss!!!
    This article is wonderful. Yes!!!
    This is actually me I just read about.
    THANK YOU Black style media.
    I’m pretty wound up ❤

  4. Lor's Kitchen
    Lor's Kitchen says:

    No doubt the best in Africa at what he does. World class guys. Y’all just don’t know it yet. But u will…hang around so when it drops I’ll say “I told y’all”. On God

  5. Willston Mokom
    Willston Mokom says:

    This is beautifully articulated. I have known Duala Duala for some time now and I think ,he is a selfless leader, always walking behind his family so as to be able to see them all and protect them all. Sometimes, I wonder where this kind of a being comes from. So dedicated in work that he enjoys .Knows how to get into his character methodically and comes out to work in the technical department and then gets back into his role with a relatively ease . Chapeau breda!!

  6. Gasha
    Gasha says:

    Very insightful! Duala Duala! A terrific human to know. You are meant for the best things! The GAFFER! And so much more. God bless you! Soon, the world at large will enjoy your beautiful, powerful energy. God bless you. #Laxelourd

  7. Eva N
    Eva N says:

    Duala Duala is one of the best to ever do it. Beast in front and behind the camera. Can’t wait to watch L’Axe Lourd.

  8. Itue Lydia
    Itue Lydia says:

    Duala Duala is one of the most motivated persons i’ve ever came across; with a very deep passion for movies and audiovisual productions. One of his aspirations is to improve on the Cameroon movie industry by demonstrating his expertise and talented skills in acting.. No doubt he has come this far.

  9. Tum Heidi
    Tum Heidi says:

    May the Lord continue to give you wisdom and the strength to excel in you career. Duala we are proud of you , your talent is not ordinary you are an actor with a difference continue with the good work.


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