Dr. Nkeng Stephens: co-founder of Cameroon phase of entertainment Ltd.

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Brief Background on Dr Nkeng Stephens

Stephen Nkengafec Nchonganyi also known as  Dr. Nkeng Stephens is a Cameroonian videographer/ producer/ filmmaker/writer with ancestral roots from the southwest and northwest regions of Cameroon.

The venerated video director is notorious for easily fitting into various tasks in providing the best video production services in the country.

He is a name that needs not much introduction, when it comes to Cameroon arts and entertainment in the last decade, as he has collaborated with over 80% of Cameroon’s urban artists,  realizing over 1000 videos under his company CPE Ltd (Cameroon Phase of Entertainment Limited)

Nkeng Stephens started his career in entertainment as a musical artist under the group DECOBRA House but eventually went solo making a quick switch to videography which he deemed suitable for himself.
He eventually justified that decision, as he worked his way up the ladder to the throne. He is regarded best video director from Cameroon and Central Africa in recent years. 

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Values and Accolades

Dr. Nkeng Stephens’ CPE team has been the camera behind multiple international award-winning music videos like Calle by Daphne, Jamais Jamais by Mr. Leo, Anita by Salatiel, Do Le Dab by Tenor, Booboo by Locko, Ca a Cuit by Ko C, Be Proud by Witty Minstrel, and many more.

The golden cameraman has equally harnessed numerous individual trophies recognizing his work at national and international levels. He was nominated under the best video director category at the Africa Music Magazine Awards AFRIMMA 2019 going head-to-head with other decorated African video directors like Justin Campos, Clarence A. Peters, Patrick Elis, and David Duncan.

He won the prestigious Canal D’Or Awards 2019 as video director of the year. He equally won the Musikol Music Awards MUMA 2020 under the Best Video Director category. He won the Bonteh Digital Awards BDMA 2020 under the category of Best Video Director.

Dr. Nkeng Stephen is highly recognized for his selfless effort in transcending his camera handling prowess to the younger generation through numerous workshops and seminars he organizes online and offline through the Hold Hands Movement platform and CPE LTD.

Using this platform, he is able to educate his students on various techniques in filmmaking and videography like video editing, color grading, etc. This earned him the Scoop Media Excellency Awards recognizing his contribution to community development.

Dr Nkeng Stephens Johny Walker Endorsement - Blackstyle Media

His success as a video director hasn’t gone without a big payday, as he has received a good number of endorsements from commercial brands over the years. He has served as the official videographer of Mutzig-star, MTN Make The Music. He currently serves as a brand ambassador for the prestigious whiskey brand Johnny Walker.

Dr. Nkeng Stephens, A Movie-Making Maestro

Dr. Nkeng Stephens has however in recent times geared his focus towards cinema. We see less of ‘we take another shot’ on our screens these days and it’s thanks to his movie exploits where he is building a solid foundation for himself.

You might wonder what would make the most decorated video director switch focus to another spectrum!
If Dr. Nkeng Stephens could switch from being an artist to going behind the camera, then we believe he would strive in cinema realization as his driving energy is top-notch.

He is the real definition of a ‘go-getter’.

He has recorded success in the past in realizing short films like;

  • 21St AGE (Oblivion)
  • The Syndicate
  • What About Love?
  • Migration
  • Amigo
  • Caesar
  • Game Enders

Dr. Nkeng Stephens and the Cameroon Phase of Entertainment team are currently working on a series of movie projects that promise to thrill movie fanatics in the nearest future.

For bookings or collaboration, Dr. Nkeng Stephens’ management can be reached via the telephone number (+237) 683229767.

He can also be reached via email at Drnkengstephens@gmail.com.

You can equally reach him on social media via various handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @Drnkengstephens

7 replies
  1. Duala Duala
    Duala Duala says:

    Dr. Nkeng Stephens is the pride of our country. The man makes it easy for everyone. His ideas are out of this world.
    He is a blessing. I love all about his work.

  2. Tanyikwangha Tsopmbeng
    Tanyikwangha Tsopmbeng says:

    Dr. Nkeng is can be liken to a boaba tree that gives shelter to those who seek it warmth. He is hope for use who studied Performing and Visuals Arts. A man of simplicity yet his mind is the Gold. For I know with his quest and desire to so better our Arts and stories will get more aesthetic exposure.


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