Cristiano Ronaldo might be leaving Manchester United


Football transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano just hinted Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to quit Manchester United.

With the arrival of Erik Ten Hag, the Red Devils will change their playing style massively and this new play style might not suit Ronaldo’s position on the pitch.

According to his analysis, Ten Hag is looking forward to restructuring so as to fit in the classic Dutch play style he used at AFC Ajax.

Ronaldo does not seem to fit into this system hence would be willing to leave the institution.

Chances of playing at a different club point to a possible return to Sporting Clube Lisbon, where Ronaldo’s career started. However, nothing is certain at the moment as the striker featured in last Sunday’s friendly against Celta de Vigo.

Another reason that could prompt Ronaldo to leave Man United is if he still desires to keep his record in the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United will not be playing in the Champions League this coming season since they finished the 2021-22 Premier League season with Just 58 points and in the sixth position, and could only make the Europa.

And since Ronaldo has just a year left on his contract, Cristiano might think a year is too much to stay off the pitch of the champions league.

With age not being on his side, the player might see the need to exploit every little time he has left on the pitch to extend his record.
Keep in mind he wants to remain competitive in order to play probably his last World Cup in December.

The World Cup only comes after 4years.
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has ruled out on any possible return of the prolific striker. With the current climate inside the Real Madrid dressing room, Ronaldo’s presence could mess up the bond between players.

The team has relied on the shoulders of Karim Benzema since Ronaldo’s exit and they have been pretty successful, since his departure, winning the last UEFA champions league. it would be risky to jeopardize the cohesion and trust that exist within this unit with a possible Ronaldo return.

If Italian sports journal La Republicca is correct about Ronaldo’s intention to leave Manchester United, then the future is pregnant.

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