Asu Chalz is an award-winning afro-pop/dance hall sensation who hails from the northwest and is based in Douala, the economic capital city of Cameroon. 

The artist whose real name is  Asukwa Charles was in Bafmeng around the mid-’90s just around the era when Afropop was undergoing a revolution and gaining quick ground on the world stage.

Maybe that natural factor contributed to molding this artistic powerhouse.

Asu Chalz demonstrated his call as a future musician at a very tender age of 5 as he was fond of dancing and impersonating some of the popular artists of the time the likes of Puff Daddy, MC Hammer, and Micheal Jackson.

Having not been born into a music-loving family the latter years would see Asu Chalz’s drive for music slow down as he pursued formal education and eventually backed a degree in electrical engineering as well as acquired other skills in Editing and graphic designing.

The artist on one of his early music exploits came across producer Marc Eff who reshaped his vision and music orientation for the better.

Asu Chalz officially made his arrival in the Cameroon music industry in 2017 with the release of his smash single ‘Punanni’which was produced by Marc Eff and Directed by Mr. Tim for Mr. Tim’s Film Networks. 

The highly acclaimed Punanni paved a way for later musical projects like ‘Beng Beng ‘  as well as ‘Beng Beng’ remix featuring Kikoh and Makon.

The artist is presently working on a 12-track ep dubbed ‘Transit’ which is expected to be released later this year. 

Asu Chalz is hugely admired for his energy on stage and stylish dressing and haircut.


Asu Chalz has received gratification for his musical exploits winning the prestigious Beri Arts Awards under the category of Most Promising Artist in 2019.

He became a brand ambassador for  Natural juice production  firm “PEPS” in 2021

The music journey has however not been a bed of roses for our artist. He faces the common problem of finance just as almost every other independent upcoming artist in Cameroon and Africa in general.

He is thereby open to bookings, and collaboration with other artists, record labels, and music stakeholders, that will help take his art to the next level.


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