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 Today on our 237 Showbiz insight, issue #01, we talk about how A-List Artists shape the growth of the 237 music industry. They influence the upcoming ones too! But before we dig in, let’s get up to speed on the definition of an “A-List Artist”.


The phrase “A LIST artist” is commonly referred to musicians who have transcended from upcoming to established. They are normally very present in the micro aspects of the music industry.

They are Successful musicians who often produce and release music that broadly appeals to a wide audience. 

To become an A-List artist you must start from somewhere! You can’t be a pro without ever becoming a rookie. It takes growth for a music newbie to attain the matured and sustainable phase. We must set a datum level to build this post. Let’s look into how we can recognize growth in any upcoming artist.


To spot growth in the career of newbie musicians, we should be able to find changes in their mindset and thier day-to-day activities.

The musicians will need to be able to put forth a lot of effort and learn about the music industry from reputable sources to avoid being duped

They will need to play gigs to grow their fan base and network within their local neighborhood. 

They must be able to perform at every venue within their niche, and grow a potential fan base. 

Once they have a sizable fan base, they must be able to extend their circle away from their homegrown and strive to be the top musician there. 

They must be able to work towards Selling tickets, CDs, and merchandise, build a sizable fan base, and start learning how to interact with their audience with time. 

They should be able to obtain the email addresses of their fans and invite them to join their social media handle or sign-up for their websites. 

They ought to be able to inquire regularly about how their fans’ quality of life has changed.

Now let us look into how A-List artists shape our 237 showbiz industry:

Daphne Njei - How A-List artists influence the growth of new artists - Blackstyle


In focusing on the 237 Showbiz industry, it’s critical to remember that this impact can be both beneficial and negative, as well as direct or indirect.


Positively speaking, most A-list Musicians of the Cameroon Music Industry whose principles and virtues are good tend to be seen as role models to the musicians coming up in the industry. They imply to aspiring musicians that, they too can succeed with their core values intact.

A-list musicians are more visible to opportunities than up-and-coming ones. Other countries regard them as Titans of the Cameroon music business. As a result, our industry is respected and praised for its growth.

A-List artists also have the potential to launch a novice musician into the spotlight. Thanks to thier success and experience, they know the right buttons to press. They also know the right doors to know at the right time.


A-list performers like MR LEO, JOVI, TZY PANCHAK, MIC MONSTA, etc are already well placed to support emerging or new artists! 

They know the inner workings of the music industry. Thier insights can enlighten newbies while helping them cross over to the milky side.

Collaborations with A-List artists can give a newbie musician a fighting chance in this new music era.

Interested in learning about the benefits of collaborating with Musicians with a fanbase? Let us know in the comment section.


Some established musicians in the Cameroon music industry are money minded. They extort money from the newbies especially when they ask for help.

 They do awful things just to live up to the unrealistic expectations they already have set 

A-list artists into drugs or any other social ills affect the community negatively. While the up-and-coming musicians eager to blow tend to accept them as role models. This pushes the newbie musicians in the 237 music industry to end up as bad influences themselves rather than archiving the original visions they had before coming across their role models.

Some of these music giants are so self-centered with egos through the roof.

Blanche Bailly- How established musicians influence the growth of new ones - Blackstyle

When all this manifest, then comes the effect we must deal with. Let’s look into a few of them below.

The Diy philosophy has been adopted in some form by the 237Showbiz industry, and many upcoming musicians now tend to hold fast to the “self-growth” approach to development rather than the “let’s hold hands” strategy. Courtesy of the industry’s worrying disloyalty to itself.

Over the years Cameroon has nurtured and raised a large number of talents. Some perished, while others grew. Despite the influence of well-known record labels, the younger generation does not appear to be headed toward the bright light that should be at the end of the tunnel.

Instead, they want to stabilize their careers through thier monopolized ecosystems. But still, we can say that the Cameroon music industry is going through a rapid period of transformation. More acts are coming up and even more determined than the last!

It might seem like we have drifted so much to a point of no return but there is hope. We all must make ourselves problem solvers and solution seekers. Let’s talk about solutions a bit in the coming section;

How should we resolve this?

Up-and-coming musicians must either construct a one-man guru quad or put together a dedicated group that will assist them in establishing themselves as prominent personalities in the industry. 

The up-and-coming artist must accept giving back to the community they represent as their prime obligation.

A list artist should learn to pass the torch. The 237 music industry is not a monarchy. They should pick retirement over dwindling like an overnight candle.

To prepare for retirement they need to groom thier successor.

Upcoming artists should understand that society owes nothing to them until they learn to give to society first. Thier sense of entitlement is annoying and only birth disgruntlement. Disgruntlement later turns to hate.

Upcomers should seek factual knowledge and avoid shortcuts. Looking for a quick shortcut to blow will make you end up on a gatekeeper’s dinner plate. Patience is a virtue one must acquire before one can succeed in everything.

Upcomers should understand that choosing music as a career is a life choice. They need the assistance of an A-list artist but if they can get it, they don’t have to cry about it!

Lady Ponce - How established musicians influence the growth of new ones - Blackstyle

Spoiler alert! Here comes the rant:

 If you think you need a bridge, start learning how to build one. If an A-list artist doesn’t “want to do” must you do the same to the people that come after you? In the absence of a bridge, defy the status quo and build your bridge so that those coming after you won’t have to. 

Be a leader and not a big crying baby. Cameroon is beautiful and full of opportunities. Stop adding to the problem and be a solution.

And to the A-List artist reading this post, you should be ashamed. The system you complain so greatly about what have you done to ameliorate it?

You want to be venerated and praised!

You want fans to fill up your halls and buy your tickets but all you think of is yourself. You are exactly the problem with the system you Speak about.

To the Upcomer reading this, be aware of your capabilities. People will fear what they don’t understand and I think most A-list artists fear you. They fear you because they think you are talented even more than them. They won’t give you a hand because they fear you will take thier place while making them relics of the past. They feed off attention and want the spotlight to stay on them. 

But they are not gods. They can bleed the same as you. They have everything to lose if they refuse to give you a helping hand while you have everything to gain if they don’t. They know your talent is enough to put them out of business and I urge you to do just that.

Put them out of business, but not with hate. Let love and your talents lead the way as you get ready to bulldoze every obstacle that comes your way. Either obstacle is making way for you or you are driving through it

We wish you the best.

Go into the world and blow. Also, Make sure you release more music this 2023. 

Any comment for us?

Post them in the comment section below. We love reading from you too.



Since Samuel Eto’o Fils took over as the president of the FECAFOOT OFFICE in Cameroon, people have been praising him for the good work he has been doing especially with the national team (Indomitable lions).

However, many others have raised their criticisms as they describe some of his actions as harsh and uncalled for.

These criticisms came as a result of him relieving some workers at the FECAFOOT office, of their duties due to some irregularities he noticed that didn’t go down well with him.

Also, some people still criticized him for calling out the team players after their last match, expressing his disappointment as to the results of the match. And him asking them to work harder.

Now a lot of people fail to understand that, for a new road to be built, a few trees have to be taken down and that is exactly what Samuel Eto’o is trying to do.

He seemingly didn’t have a bed of roses when he started his career as a young footballer and he’s trying to ameliorate the conditions for the current players but he doesn’t want to let his efforts go to waste.

He wants them to also produce good results to complement his efforts and that’s why his actions might seem a little hard.

We asked for a change and Samuel Eto’o is bringing in the positive change. We hope that change lasts.

Article - Marriage-in-the-Cameroon-Music-Industry---Blackstyle-Media

Some Cameroonian music fans have given their opinion on marriages in the industry, most of them think marriages can’t last in the industry, the reason being that there’s been a few failed marriages in the industry.

However, this opinion has been proven to be false as there are marriages that keep getting better every day. Let’s analyze a few of these unions below.

Article - Marriage and the Cameroon music industry - Magasco and Wife - Blackstyle Media


It came to many as a shock when magasco announced his engagement and wedding to Fallon on the media as everyone thought he was going to make things official with his baby mama instead.

However, the entire social media embraced his choice and it was going well until one faithful morning when Fallon took to her Instagram saying she wants a divorce cause she was lured into the marriage and she doesn’t want it anymore.

Magasco came debunking the allegations and claimed everything was fine but two hours later, videos and pictures of Fallon emerged online of her and her alleged ex-boyfriend, celebrating her birthday in limbe and the atmosphere seemed so romantic.

That’s how separation came in.

Marriage and the Cameroon music industry - Askia and Quilla


This was of the most envied marriages in the industry as they both seemed so in love and happy with each other.

It all looked like a bed of roses until Mami Bakala decided to speak up about the many ills she has been facing in the marriage and then decided to call for separation since the marriage was messing with her mental health.

Quilla on the other hand has never spoken his own side of the story to date but keeps changing his relationship status on Facebook from married to single and then to In a relationship.

We still hope to hear his side of the story.

Marriage and the Cameroon music industry -Daphe and Husband - Blackstyle Media


Daphne, the queen of the Cameroonian music industry got married to her sweetheart Williams.

They both have been married for a while now and they’re so happy together and their special bond keeps getting stronger and stronger by the day.

We hope and pray it remains that way and that they spend their forever together.

Marriage and the Cameroon music industry -numerica-and-wifey - Blackstyle Media


This is an example of a marriage to emulate. These two have been together for over four years and have been married for over two years.

Although they don’t their marriage a lot on social media, Fese, however, posts lovely photos of them on her timeline once every now and then and there have been no rumors of separation or divorce affiliated with their union.

Fese who’s also her husband’s stylist has been doing a great job and she keeps doing it. We pray their union keeps waxing strong by the day.

It is true that there are no perfect unions or marriages but there however exist good marriages and marriage is not all thorns as people portray it sometimes.

We still have some couples in the industry who are still courting like MEL.B AKWEN and K 9ine.

We hope to celebrate many more marriages in the industry and hope that they all have their happily ever afters with their spouses.

What do you think about our music? African music,?Cameroon music? Do you get my drift!

Since I’ve become your questionaire, Oyah, let’s go. My shop deh open. lol


Is african music on its way or has it taken over africa?

Would you say African music is now going places?

Gone are those days when African musicians were living in the shadows while western musicians got all the attention.

But again , I can’t help but wonder: if African music is really taking over or are Africans just regurgitating western world music?

This would imply Africa is taking over the would while culture takes a back sit. African roots is culture and what’s an African musician without any cultural heritage?


Generational Musicians Compared

Remember the generation before us? I mean those who really took Africa and cultural

heritage like it’s Their business! Most would agree that music in the 80s, 90s and even early 2000s was golden

The body of work born within these period as far as African music is concern form the basis of our history. It vividly tells us how far Africa has come.

Music was such an instrumental tool to the formation of the new Africa that most of us so gracefully enjoy.

Love, politics, war, pain, happiness was expressed with music being at the forefront.

How do you fell when you listen to the works of Henry Dikongue, Richard Bona, Koffi, Papa wenba, Fela kuti, Ras kimono, Angelique kidjo, youssou ndour?

I could keep going with the list ohhh!

Different countries, one Africa in sound right?

Our generation is far less concerned About something as archaic as “African h. Some publicly say it’s a thing of the past and cannot be exported while others go as far as oyiboing their whole sound while still expecting Africans to hail and consume it!

No attension to history, no culture , no love, more hate thanks to social media and most of all, dragging a fellow brother or sister down is the Nu New!

Where are we heading to? What legacy are we leaving behind?

The Quest for hits has proven to be quick snacks which only gaz u up! After the hits, what next? Quick snacks which only gaz u up! After the hits, what next?

Back to the village for ya papa compound abi lol

I hail my Nigerian brothers, who are really pushing the limit and making more and more collaborations with big names abroad possible.

Africans are seeing their handwork as they continue to bring us recognition through more awards and nomination. But we need more wins for the culture!

My gratitude is excess right now ohh! I feel like sharing. Make I buy you charge with ya momo noh? Lol

Enough wayo, Let me give you a history lesson, if you nova be convinced say african mutumbu don d try.



Bet nominations

Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz, Nigeria’s Wizkid and Burna Boy. They have been nominated among the UK and French artists in the category.

Grammys 2021

For dis year awards, Nigerian musicians Wizkid and Femi Kuti get nomination for di Best Global Music Album.

Ghanian artist Rocky Dawuni also grab nomination for di same category, plus Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo.

Colabos of Africans and western Musicians.

  • Diamond Platnumz and Omarion in African beauty

  • Wizkid featuring Drake come closer

  • R Kelly – Hands Across The World ft The members of the group were Nigerian R&B singer 2Face, Alikiba from Tanzania, Congolese singer Fally Ipupa, 4X4 from Ghana, hip-hop artist Movaizhaleine from Gabon, Zambia’s JK, Ugandan hip-hop star Navio and Kenya’s Amani – the only woman in the group

  • Salatiel water ft Pharell Williams and world star Beyonce

Certainly, the bridge between Cameroon, Africa and the rest of the word is still under construction

But the elephant in the room still stands: are we moving forward with culture and music or is Oga culture taking a back sit?