5 promising new artists in the 237 music industry

new artists in the 237 music industry
  new artists in the 237 music industry

A significant number of new artists in the 237 music industry have made waves this year. Today, we have produced a list of some of the few people who are exerting substantial effort to sustain the entertainment business.

After realizing that many young and skilled musicians are helping to expand the Cameroon music industry, we have compiled a list of some of them. This list

For this year and in no particular order, here are some of the promising anglophone new artists in the 237 music industry:



Yxng Prido

Being so passionate and aspirational, PRIDO released his first recorded rap freestyle in 2020, the same year he joined the record label ATM ENTERTAINMENT. YXNG PRIDO has demonstrated that he deserves to be listed among the group of upcoming and gifted rappers from Cameroon. In 2021, he released “EKIE,” his debut single, on which he collaborated with EGO PRIDE.

As a talented opportunist, PRIDO was fortunate to be on one of Daphne’s most recent freestyles with the female singer BESINDA.

We hope YXNG PRIDO maintains his momentum now that he has attracted some! 



Lill Humble

Unlike every other up-and-coming artist, he has released 10 singles, 1 EP, 1 studio album, 5 foreign collaborations, and his most recent song, “I Remember,” which has gained attention in both Cameroon and internationally. He is more than just an artist; he is the future of African hip-hop.

Officially called Lill Humble, he has been rhyming since 2014. But his professional Rap career began 2 years ago. He is from the Nso tribe in the North West Region of Cameroon and a proud Bamenda pikin




Remii has consistently given us good music for a while now, thanks to his signing to KANG QUINTUS MUSIC RECORDS.

He had a single last year called “Mon Amour” among other collaborations, with the song “Ma Vie” skyrocketing him to new heights. “Ma Vie” features the hitmaker Ko-c who is also a Cameroonian.

His most recent song Yayato with Boy TAG surpassed 17k views on YouTube within six days of release. That’s very impressive considering a record as such is a challenge for most musicians in Cameroon!

REMII has risen to fame because of his hard work and we hope he continues in that same light.




MARNICK is a female hip hop artist and songwriter born in Kumba in the South West Region of Cameroon. In 2016, she began singing professionally as a studio backup singer before moving on to make mashups of her favorite songs.

She launched her debut single, “PAJERO,” in 2019. The same year she was chosen as one of the up-and-coming artists to appear in Tzy Panchak’s “Put Your Hands On We” song challenge.

In 2022 She made a stunning reappearance with the song “Days Like This” by Mic MONSTA, which also featured Dready Christ, Torch City, and other members of her label. 

As of writing this post, her most recent song is “Redemption Song” released in November 2022. 

Marnick got the juice for sure and we are looking forward to seeing what she will do this 2023


Liya - new artists in the 237 music industry


LIYA AKA Lovegoddess is a fashion and art lover and a God-fearing and adventurous lady. She is the CAMACA Award winner for Best Female Artist in 2021 with tribal roots in Menchum Division of the North West Region of Cameroon.

Her song “Pay ma Money“, released in 2021 has amassed more than 55k views on youtube. Fans both in and out of Cameroon love this song.

The official video for her song “Sweet Sweet‘ was released in august 2022 and already has about 13k views. A drop in numbers when compared to her ” Pay ma money” single!

We look forward to seeing how she maneuvers 2023 

It is a small list considering upcoming artists are heavily influenced by the established ones in this our 237 showbiz industry! We even did a post about this with hopes of encouraging every up-and-coming music artist in the 237 music industry.

You can Read about the post here:

So what other promising new artists in the 237 music industry do you know?

Let us know in the Comment Section below.

Enjoy a wonderful day.


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